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Advertising Chief Creative Officer. Passionate, Award-Winning Photographer
I make epic ribs. And awesome pancakes.
  • Artist, Poet, Madman, Hopeful Romantic
  • Alan Shapiro Photography
    Picture Taker, present
  • Alchemy
    Chief Creative, Inspiration and Elation Officer, present
  • Omnicom Group
    EVP Chief Creative Officer
  • Grey Advertising
    VP Creative Director
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    Sr Art Director
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New York, NY
Cloud 9 - Providence, Rhode Island - Cannes, France - Vienna, Austria - Paris, France - London, England - Memphis, TN - Laguna Beach, CA - Boston, MA
Passionate, award-winning photographer. Advertising Chief Creative Officer, too.

I grew up on the creative side of the advertising world and had the pleasure of working with hundreds of clients around the world; telling their unique stories in very unique ways. Along the way, I've had the pleasure of working with an incredible number of talented photographers, directors, cinematographers and imagemakers. I became envious of their art and craft. At first, I saw it as a means of reducing my stress-filled life. As a Chief Creative Officer at the world's largest Advertising Agency Network, I needed a distraction. So I bought a camera. And then another. And another. My new hobby and daily "creative exercise regimen" quickly turned into a joy-filled and all consuming passion.

I love talking to all sorts of people and seem to have a knack for getting them to open up and share themselves despite the intrusion and intimidation that a serious-looking camera often represents.

I like seeking out and sharing things I find interesting. Beautiful things. Powerful things. Poignant things.

I am incredibly patient and am often rewarded with moments of magic.

I also enjoy taking something ordinary and making it something well beyond that. (To paraphrase Ansel Adams: "…making pictures, not just taking them.") Illustration and painting are other passions and I love creating unique photocompositions.

One thing led to another and now I'm published, in private collections and winning awards.


So now I have two jobs that I absolutely love. 

Alan Shapiro; Executive-Level Creative Guy and Very Passionate Photographer.

914.536.9923 |

Bragging rights
Took up photography as a creative exercise regimen and stress reliever. Now published (Scholastic, Playboy, National Geographic for Kids, Disney, Apple, General Motors, Lockheed Martin, Apple Computer) and award-winning. Check out my work on or on Red Bubble: or on 500px: or on Instagram:
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    Graphic Design
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Alan Shapiro

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That moment when your eyes...or at least one eye pops open in the morning and a huge smile crosses your face. (Bonus points for blushing)

#photography #flowers #flowerphotography #flowerpower #hqspflowers #hqspmacro #btpflowerpro #btpmacropro #trippininthegardenonmiraclegro #alanshapirophotography #poppy #poppies #floralphotography  
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Intriguing natural color pallet!
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Alan Shapiro

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Flowers are not spontaneous.
They don’t need to be. 
They bide their time.
Measured and thoughtful. 
Soaking in everything that needs to be soaked in.
And then one day.
Boom! (Bloom)
And everything they have to share...all their infinite and infinitesimal beauty is revealed.
It’s almost as if they are waiting for the right person to come along and see them.
Or maybe that’s exactly how it is.

#flowerphotography   #flowerpower   #flowers   #flowersimitatinglife   #hqspflowers   #btpflowerpro   #hqspmacro   #btpmacropro   #alanshapirophotography   #trippininthegardenonmiraclegro   #deepthoughtsshallowdepthoffield   #photography   #googleplusphotos  
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In patient wait for d rigth time
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Alan Shapiro

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deliciouz :p
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Alan Shapiro

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Alan Shapiro

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Alan Shapiro

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Wow. There's something really wonderful about taking an early morning walk in the woods. On a Wednesday.
No lions. No tigers. No bears. Deep sigh.

#photography   #landscapephotography   #monochromeworld   #monochromephotography   #forestphotography   #walksinwoodsonwednesday   #hqspmonochrome   #btpmonochromepro   #alanshapirophotography   #googleplusphotos  

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awesome , seems like an work of art :D
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Alan Shapiro

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Strawflower seeking tinflower and cowardlyflower for good times.

I could wile away the hours
cavorting with the flowers...

Right, +Barry Blanchard

#flowerphotography #flowerslovers #flowerpower #flowercolors #hqspflowers #btpflowerpro #trippininthegardenonmiraclegro #alanshapirophotography #googleplusphotos #macrophotography   #macroaddict   #macro4all  
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Alan Shapiro

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Not all in the garden is beautiful.
Nor gentle.
The only reason I am sharing this on a Monday is because you are all groaning anyway...that's what Mondays are for; and because if I don't let the demons out, I fear I shall not be able to sleep. 
I was quietly stalking this Praying Mantis when out of the corner of my eye, I saw a Monarch Butterfly flitting about.
Oh joy.
Then a split second later, this happened.
What the...
I was horrified.
Stunned. Mortified.
Praying Mantids are endangered here in my country and they are well protected. They fascinate me and for years, my daughter Lindsey and I have raised them from eggs we send away for each Spring. Invariably, the egg would crack open when we are asleep (because that's how alien creatures roll) and we would come down in the morning to hundreds of teensy-tiny, mutant, alien creatures preparing their attack. We would let them escape into the garden to grow strong and stand vigil. As we often had a cache of crickets for the various critters we keep, I thought nothing of feeding them to a Mantid when I chanced to find one. Mantids love crickets, eating them like an ice cream cone, head first. Fascinating.
Wait. What?
Of course...crickets are expendable.
(Gawd...did I really just write this? Clearly I am not in my right/write mind)
But back to today's image. This…this changes everything. 
Monarch Butterflies live for no longer than about 5 weeks. They are delicate and ethereal creatures…more like flying flowers with really fascinating tongues that curl like carnival lollipops. I never gave thought to them having predators to worry about. No...they would play with unicorns and hummingbirds all day. I did, however, always wonder about them as late summer thunderstorms blew through. How do they weather those storms? Do they hide when this happens? Or to take a glass is half full approach: is a thunderstorm the equivalent of an amusement park roller coaster to a butterfly? There. That’s better. Wait. No. It isn’t. Yes it is. No. It. Isn't. 
Side note: When I was younger, I would worry that the rain would wash the color from them. 
   And then this. In the back alleys of my brain, I wrote a curt memo to whomever rules over the insect fiefdom of the animal kingdom. To whom it may concern: mantids and monarchs must not mingle. 
   I watched (as one would watch a proverbial train wreck). 
   I had a flashback to my childhood and heard Marlin Perkins narrating this gruesome tale with a wicked glint in his eye and perhaps a subtle Vincent Price impersonation (or is that Marlon Brando from Apocalypse Now?):
“The mantid will now bite the head off the trapped butterfly, struggling for it's life. There’s Jim climbing through the thorny thicket to get a closer look…" 
   Oh, +Mutual of Omaha…I grew up with you. Looked forward to you presenting the Wild Kingdom, but today it haunts me. 
Please assure me (or insure me) that this won’t happen again. Then reassure me. Is this what my premiums get me these days? I hope your day in Omaha or wherever has a happier ending.
I know it is called the Wild Kingdom...but really?
Oh the horror. 
The horror. 

#photography #macromonday #macrophotography #macroaddict #hqspmacro #btpmacropro #prayingmantis #googleplusphotos #alanshapirophotography #insectphotography #insects #butterflyphotography #thehorror #mondayblues #mutualofomaha #wildkingdom #butterfliesaintfree #hungry #breakfast
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Alan my dumb question to u -whom u think is mantis as real mantid ? They don't eat monarchs -google says -Alan ji 

Mantids are aggressive hunters and will eat a wide range of garden insects including aphids, mosquitoes, caterpillars, beetles, flies, grasshoppers, crickets, leaf hoppers, moths and many others but not butterflies. .o o o
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Alan Shapiro

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Is there such a thing as #snapshotsunday ?

#streetphotography   #cowboysamongus   #hqspmonochrome  
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Alan Shapiro

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Beautiful! :)
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