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Alan Savage

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I highly recommend this album if you like folk or bluegrass. It's really beautiful.
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Alan Savage

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Pretty interesting article on something taken for granted by many people, and not without reason. I've heard the phrase "companies exist to make profit for their shareholders" many times. I'm glad to see that's not the only way of looking at things, and that there's reason to believe it's not even a particularly good way to look at things.
Google is definitely run for the benefit of our users; see here for alternate history of why corporations are run for shareholder value, or customers
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This is a good summary of the school of thought and it is really good to see some companies embracing a new corporate culture that views both customers and employees as constituents. But I am still probably going to be cynical about how the US corporate world works until we see this behavior from a major financial institution or an oil company. There aren't too many outside of the consumer goods world who appear to want to change.
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Alan Savage

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I'm glad to see Paul Krugman get called out for being a bit of a jerk. Just because you're very smart and have a prize does not mean you're right all the time and everyone else is stupid and immoral.
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Alan Savage

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It looks like there is some evidence that the traditional belief  that raising minimum wage decreases jobs isn't true. The data for countries who have increased their minimum wages have not seen dips that would be predicted by the rise of wages. Perhaps demand for employees in inelastic, or there are existing market distortions that keep minimum wage below its equilibrium value. It's tough to tell what to do, but my rule is to follow the data rather than cling to theory dogmatically. The rub is that different economists say the data bears out different things.
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Alan Savage

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Hey! Look at this! The market works! The thinking that moving all manufacturing was going to move off shore was wrong. The market kicked in and some manufacturing is moving back to the US!
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I wonder what role rapid prototyping / 3D printing will play. If they become cheap and widespread enough the cost benefits of overseas production will become even less worthwhile.
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Alan Savage

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Just FYI, for those who were waiting for something like this.
Google today announced it is making Quickoffice free for everyone. That means Android and iOS users can edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go without ...
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Alan Savage

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Today I ran across the website of a guy who has chronicled his struggle with Type 1. I found it striking in it's honest portrayal of how fucking awful living with diabetes can actually be and how little that is actually addre...
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im glad to see some old faces on screen:> I'm
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Alan Savage

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This is awesome! I hope it hits!
A PAIR of middle-aged tourists (see previous post) are not the only thing headed for Mars. Comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) is also on its way. Discovered on January 3rd, some calculations of its orbit, according to Phil Plait, the rather good “Bad Astronomer” , have it passing 37,000km above the surface of the planet in October 2014—roughly the height at which communication satellites orbit Earth, and a remarkably close shave by cosmic standards...
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Alan Savage

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When people fret about the welfare state and mass immigration, they are not necessarily racists. We have a lot to learn from the Nordic countries, but the welfare state can not be seen as a panacea. It is rational and good that we expect immigrants to this country to work and pull their fair share. We should make it easier for skilled workers to come and stay in the US and downplay family reunification, like Denmark has done. They are having success and we should follow their model.
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Alan Savage

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Ouch, that's a scathing review of American politics. What can we citizens do?
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