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Alan Rhys Evans

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Love this analysis of the reaction to both Brexit and Trump. 100% right. Those that rail against them are contemptuous of democracy and a far more sinister threat to us all.
If you want to know why Trump won, just look at the response to his winning. The lofty contempt for…
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Alan Rhys Evans

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Cut through the noise with this excellent summery of what's really on the line on the 23rd.
Know the history of how we got here, know what their vision of the future is, and how close they are to accomplishing their dream.

Put all the PR and spin of both campaigns to one side.
Watch the video and then ask yourself do you want to the UK to be a sovereign democratic nation, or the 28th member state of the United States of Europe forever ruled by the unelected European Commission.
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Check for updates UK/EU people. Mine is just now downloading Marshmallow update!
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When I bought the moto x play last year I returned it thinking I had a faulty one but i still had lag issues. I come from a moto g previously and that actually ran better. Thank god it's now fixed as I was gonna move on to another make of phone next time. I still think moto should stop showing off about the high MP camera when it still is actually a rubbish set up. Can't take night photos properly and can't focus properly. I not too bothered as camera isn't that important to me and it's great in daylight. Also the volume rocker a bit shake rattle and roll. 😂

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Alan Rhys Evans

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Hi all.
After being underwhelmed by the Nexus 5x announcement yesterday I've been looking for other alternatives that are around that same size as that to replace my aging Nexus 4.

The options I'm considering are the Moto X Play and the LG G3, but with the G3 I'd be flashing it with CM12.1.

I know the G3 is now a little older but it was a 2014 flagship. I'm interested in this community's take on if the G3 can still hold it's own in real world usage against 2015 mid rangers.
Also interested in observations on battery life and general performance by those who have flashed CM12.1 or other custom ROMs.

Thank in advance!
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I have two G3 in daily use. I replaced the battery after -+ 360 charging cycles, with LG certified parts. No issues. 2 days on normal usage. But I don't spend every second staring at my phones. 
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Alan Rhys Evans

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Bit underwhelmed by the Nexus 5x announcement yesterday. Was sort of banking on it to be a replacement for my aging nexus 4.
Been looking around for other options and I think I've narrowed it down to the Nexus 5x (despite my reservations), the Moto X Play, or LG G3 - which would need flashing with CM12.1

in UK prices:
5x (2GB/32 GB) £379
Moto X Play (2GB/32GB) £319.00
LG G3 (3GB/32GB) new on ebay from around £235

Physical dimension on all 3 are pretty similar, a couple of mm here and there.

I know the LG G3 is a 2014 model but it was a 2014 flagship where as the 2 others are 2015 mid range. I'm fairly comfortable with flashing ROM's and stuff and CM12.1 official seems pretty stable from what I've read.

Any thought on these 3, or options I haven't considered? I think the physical dimensions on the above are about my limit - I wouldn't want anything much larger, and I'm very keen on it being as stock android as possible, so nothing with heavy skins.

I'd appreciate the help in making up my mind
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Nexus 5x
Moto X Play
LG G3 (flashed to CM12.1)
Other (please comment)
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Lg g4 with nova.
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Alan Rhys Evans

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Sorry people I need to vent - I'm absolotly at the end of my tether with +BTUK

I want to move my phone and broadband from Post Office to BT as Fiber broadband has just be enabled in our area and our current connection is very slow.

I've now had about 4 or 5 attempts at putting the order through only for them to have 'problems' each time.

The "go live" date on the second attempt at the order was supposed to be last Thursday with the equipment due to arrive on the Tuesday.

When the Order Tracker was showing that the Equipment had not even dispatched on the Tuesday I contacted them repeatedly about it and was each time told that the order was on track and that the stuff was being sent out.

On Wednesday night I was explicitly told "I can see from the system that the equipment has been dispatched and will be delivered tomorrow via royal mail" .

That turned out to be a flat out lie. The next day I phoned up after the postman had been without delivering any parcels to be told that the order had not progressed (on another system) and wasn't being activated at all.

Apparently the order tracker and what the agents are seeing doesn't reflect the truth of what's actually going on in any way.

Since then I've lost track of the amount of hours I've spent on the phone and online chat with them.

Over the weekend I was told I'd have to seize my current service, have the phone disconnected, reconnected be given a temporary number before I'd be given my current one back and that I'd be without broadband for "a number of days" while stuff was being re-connected.
Resigned to this I phoned Post Office to do that and they told me that there was no reason why BT could not take over the line and that doing it in the way they suggested would be highly disruptive and I'd have to pay reconnection charges.

I spoke to BT then Monday lunchtime when the agent who then said I wouldn't have to do that after spending about 50 minutes on the phone with me put the order on to an Offline team to deal with.

I eventually got an email Tuesday detailing the submitted order but it's once again showing as not progressing as planned. I just got off online chat with them and apparently an active line at the property is causing a problem.

I know there's an active line - it's the one I'm trying to move!!!

It's a BT Open Reach line - there's nothing special about it.
My parents recently moved from Post Office in the exact same way and they had none of these difficulties.

While individual agents have been nice enough and tried to help you have to constantly explain everything over and over again, spend hours and hours of time on the phone. Wait for days for a promised ring back that never comes and suffer being told untruths and being outright lied to.

I've had enough with them - I've told them than I'm expecting a ring back from some sort of manager within 2 hours or I'd be cancelling and going elsewhere. I'm not hopeful that I'll hear back.

I work in IT, friends and family ask my advice about these sort of things. From now on I'll be telling them not to go anywhere near BT. Absolute shocking treatment and "customer service".

End of rant
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Alan Rhys Evans

Q&A/Help!!  - 
Hi all, I'm looking for some advice.
I've just purchased a 64gb OPO in the sale as a gift for my wife.

She's not really a power user, though she knows how to get around android pretty well.

I'll set the phone up for her initially (including getting the OPO up to Lollipop). I want her to benefit from future OTA upgrades as this has been one of her complaints with the phones she's had in the past.

She's quite a heavy user in terms of screen on time as she likes playing Candy Crush and similar games so battery life is important.

From reading around I'm getting the feeling that battery life on OxygenOS is a bit better than CM12 at the moment.

As a Nexus user, I'm personally drawn more towards Oxygen as it sound pretty much like stock android, though obviously it's still pretty new and doesn't have some of the bells and whistles CM12 has. But this is her phone not mine, so I'm trying to not let my own personal preferences influence me too much.

After initially setting it up I dont want to be having to get data off and keep flashing different ROMs all the time and I'm a tad concerned about the future of OTA update with CM12 with OP moving in the direction of Oxygen.

She does use her phone for pictures and videos quite a bit, something I understand works a tad better under CM12.

I'm interested in which direction this community would recommend I go in.

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Another neat thing about CM12 is that if priority notifications are on and the alarm is set. It will power up the phone a couple of minutes before the alarm, so you can turn the phone off at night and the alarm will still sound in the morning, but priority notifications must be on. 
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Alan Rhys Evans

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Brilliant to see that all the effort the Staff have put in over the last few years is now really feeding through. Great result for AU to be ranked so highly in this year's NSS. 
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I know this is not a KDE Neon bug, but wondered if anyone here had experience of, or a work around for a bug that leads to the minimise/maximise/close buttons vanishing in maximised Chrome and Chromium windows when libunity9 is installed.

Libunity9 is a dependency for pidgin. Sadly Kopete is not an option for me as it doesn't support the SIPE protocol plugin that I have to use for work.

Chrome/Chromium detect the presence of the library and behave as if they were running under Unity, not KDE.
Work around of using system window border works, but is not ideal.

Like I said, I know this isn't a KDE Neon bug but wondered if anyone here happened to know of a workaround.

Other than this annoyance, really enjoying my experience of KDE Neon so far. 
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cheers. I've used the instructions from:
to remove libunity9 as a Pidgin requirement, and installed the modified deb.

Pidgin seems to behaving normally.
I suspect the libunity9 requirement has been added in error. I've logged a bug against pidgin on launchpad (1605106) to get clarification as to whether libunity9 should really be a requirement, given that pidgin seems to operate perfectly well without it.

With libunity9 gone, window control buttons are restored in Chrome and Chromium.
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If the gap year is getting you down, I'd seriously recommend picking up the Big Finish 10th Doctor adventures. Only listened to the first episode "Technophobia" so far, but Tennant and Tate on top form, like they've never been away. Allons-y!
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+Karl Hiramanek pricing is fairly consistant with their other offerings to be honest. Yes they are on the expensive side, but it a relatively niche product (or has been at least) and getting the big actors back plus licencing the brand from the BBC is probably pricey. But they do a very good job at the execution so all in all I'd say they are value for money.
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Alan Rhys Evans

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"Unworkable and unreformable, the euro can only produce recurrent and worsening crises. But this can go on for only so long. The euro will break down through a process of political contagion, as resurgent nationalism and radical parties of opposition become stronger throughout Europe."

Refreshing to see a rational analysis from mainstream media for once. 
Game theory can't explain the Greek crisis - it's now in the hands of fate, writes philosopher John Gray.
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Alan Rhys Evans

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My trusty old Nexus 4 is beginning to struggle, and I'm considering a replacement pretty soon. Part of me wants to hang on for the rumoured new Nexus 5 in October, but the Moto X 2014 is currently reduced £229/£269, and while it's not a Nexus, it's not far off stock and seems to get pretty timely updates.

We've got no real idea as yet on the spec or price for the new Nexus 5. I could wait, and end up with it being out of my price range. What would this community guess at price wise from there bits and bobs of info we know?

Any thoughts or maybe other suggestions? I think 5.2 inch would be my max, my wife has a OnePlus One and that would be too big for me.

Appreciate any opinions
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Wow I hadn't heard that there would be another Nexus 5 forthcoming. This is great news! My Nexus 5 (2014) is doing just fine, but it is good to know that I will have another option when it is time to replace it.
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