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First game for the #ubuntu  phone by +Stuart Langridge  - via +Cristian Parrino 
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great news. I'm sure this wont be the last either.
Steam on Ubuntu phones perhaps? Obviously just the higher-end phones, but imagine when docked you do not only have your desktop environment, but a whole gaming system/library. But if you are going to make a flagship phone that would be one tasty selling point.
Tell us more about the game so we have something to look forward to. Will it hit raring?
How about docking the phone into your tv, which then allows you to play Steam games? Now that would be cool :-)
chill, guys... I'm pretty sure ubuntu phone will soon be fighting android for best os...
+Nils Geylen It could have been worse: I'm curious how long it will take for the first fart app to appear...
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