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"Avoid the pain of Windows 8" :D #ubuntu  
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Hah! Can't believe they did that. Very good, and truthful.
If only it could avoid the pain of all the Windows ads coming to us next week. :)
I'm actually looking forward to Windows 8... why the hate?
Windows has and will continue to be a pain in everyone's a$$ for years.
Been using Windows 8 on an HP Touchsmart...Actually not painful at all, in fact, a refreshing change.  Still learning a bit more about the "Under the hood" function but I like it!
Drew R
If windows 8 is on my next PC, it will definitely be unused.
to you ur a 100 and u smile like a monkey and u look like a 2
Ken Rufo
Come on.  I've used Ubuntu since early 2005, as either my only OS or as a secondary OS for particular purposes, so I say this as a fan: let's not pretend that Unity is a great UI design - it's cartoonish, unrefined, and easily cluttered.  It was designed, like Metro, to be a UI that would work across devices with different mechanical inputs, and it does a very mediocre job of accomplishing that, though I'm willing to wait until Ubuntu 13 or 14 to pass judgment on that effort.  Still, it's a bit of pot calling out the kettle to act like the formerly-known-as-Metro theme is really so painful.
Moved to Win8 from Ubuntu 12.04. What I'm doing wrong?))
Ken Rufo
Of course, maybe Mint can make a "Avoid the pain of Windows 8, and Ubuntu 12.10 - try Mint" ad.
You will get the best performance out of a computer like this. Very user friendly.
This would make sense if it actually was painless to install this thing on my macbook pro 8,2!! Installing windows 8 was so easy and everything was functional afterwards.
May I suggest...  Linux Mint MATE for those not liking GNOME3/Unity (!).  But by all means, if you're not very computer literate, then yes, Ubuntu it is I suppose.  Still beats W8,W7, WV et al.
Wow canonical grew a pair! +1 to ubuntu its what I run... It's great until you try to use a canon printer, damn u canon! 
Window 7 on computer no recognize the usb keys.need help
Nothing wrong with unity just disable global menus and its great! 
Rob Lang
I would jump immediately if all my Windows games ran on it. Some do, the VAST majority do not.
+Idrees Khan your comment makes no sense. But it's fun to trace the lineage: Ubuntu came from Debian, which came from SLS - the foundation being Linux, which came from Minix, which came from UNIX ... based on POSIX/IEEE standards. Windows came from DOS, which came from QDOS - the "Quick and Dirty OS" - the foundation being an imitation of CP/M ... and having no standards whatsoever. Hmmm.
I prefer the Xfce environment to Gnome; it's cleaner, lighter and easier. I feel like Gnome tries too hard to be cool or prove itself.

Either way, I love Ubuntu.
I used Ubuntu of a time but never felt like it was a complete OS.  Ubuntu works fine but is not exciting.  It is too independent and isolated in my opinion.
+Tigran Martirosyan To be fair to Linux, loads of apps I run on Windows have counterparts on Linux that are perfectly cool. On my home machine that is, not at work. I wouldn't be able to use Linux at work at all due to the Microsoft stack I code in!
Lol Windows is much better than it was 10 years ago. Windows 7 was easily on par with OS X
If you really want excitement - build your own Linux. 
In either case, I do feel that Ubuntu gets disappointing from time to time. Although, I keep using it...
+Rob Lang At work I use Linux with multiple VirtualBox Windows VMs for various instances and versions of SQL Server, Oracle, and IE. Orders of magnitude more productive. Windows OSes are so one-dimensional.
Yes, instead get nsfw adverts by sending your data to amazon!.

#Gentoo !
+Rob Lang  Don't  get me wrong. I have deep respect for Linux system. As it gives us (consumers) amazing environment at zero cost. I just say, that Windows (for historical reasons) has a bigger image, bigger community of consumers and developers, better tools, because much more people are work and create on that platform. That is..
Ich hab Windows 8 in diversen Preview-Versionen seit Frühling auf zwei alten Tablet-Netbook-Hybriden drauf, und es ist eigentlich überhaupt kein "pain". Noch ein bißchen flotter als Windows 7, voll rückwärtskompatibel und gut für Touchscreen-Bedienung. Ubuntu ist natürlich auch gut.
Well yes and no. The issue of software is becoming less and less of an issue. I spent about a year using Windows for that reason, just before Vista came out (good timing) and what I found was that after so many years of Linux, I kept looking for my old open source programs. I was used to using Open Office, the GIMP, Inkscape, and so on. When Vista came out, I ran it for maybe a couple of days, ran into some trouble, and had a situation where I needed it to work and it wouldn't. So I popped in a live CD of Ubuntu and instantly I could work again. And so many of the issues I'd had with Linux in the past--such as driver issues, codec problems for video--were much improved. The most exciting part was that I was able to install Ubuntu while I worked via the web. That doesn't cease to impress me.

And Ubuntu had an "app store" long before Apple did, except that it's mostly open source stuff. So if you want an app to do X, it's crazy easy to find something new and download it, free.

Of course, as things become more web app-based, it's even easier to switch to Ubuntu.

The one caveat is that if you have specialized software for your work, like Premiere or Illustrator. Ditto for hardcore gamers. But for a casual user, stuff like Inkscape is usually fine.

Some Windows software will run just fine under WINE, too.

I also have a MacBook which enables me to run certain specialized commercial software, but still, most of the software I use is the same as on my Ubuntu machine. I'm actually a big fan of both Mac OS and Ubuntu. Ubuntu seems to borrow intelligently from Mac OS as well as trying its own things.
Avoid the pain of Ubuntu (sponsored Amazon, almost forced donations, etc)
Get the new Chromebook

Does Ubuntu make a tablet version? Windows 8 is awesome on my MSI 110w tablet. 
Well now I'm wondering whether to Upgrade to 12.10 or change to Ubuntu Ultimate 3.5 which seems to be based off 12.04. What are the advantages of 12.10 over 12.04?
What Windows 8 pain?  I have had no issues and using it in a production environment.  It has been very easy to figure out and so far it has been very stable.
+Eric Polsinelli  Considering the latest UI changes they made (that I don't like, much much better was before...), I would say, if not yet done, they are going in that direction. 
"Suffer in Unity instead!" :D Kubuntu it is :) Keep touch interfaces to tablets :)
Thanks for the info dudes. I might think about this. :) I don't like what windows has become.
Oh geez, I'd take Windows 8 to avoid the pain and shame of using Ubuntu.  Nothing against Linux itself, just the Ubuntu distro!
Android best of all :)
Geez...really, I think "pain" is super harsh. I've been running win 8 for a while just fine. >_> looks like M$ has another "vista" on their hands, and it's a shame too
Avoid the pain of Windows 8 by accepting the pain of Linux.
I couldn't stop laughing for at least a minute when I saw this awesome tagline on Some talented guys work at the marketing department! :D #UBUNTU  
Wow Is this not joke? It's bad appeal text to creative class users. Linux desktop still horrible, still not provide software Adobe/Autodesk, Apple Final cut / Logic... No software it's more big pain.
Although they keep trying to make Ubuntu look and work more like Metro all the time... 
I really like ubuntu. fine!
Lot of tech-savvy advantages. cool!.
but had to say;
Apart from new touch screen start thingy and senseless UI changes, w8 is a pretty darn good and a decent OS compared older windows families. easily pars with OSX. Yet ubuntu had to resort such a bold move? I admit i laughed hard but there is no point if i'm still having nightmares just to install ubuntu on my laptop while i enjoy all kinds of software with w8 on the go.
or use Fedora 17 LXCE lightweight desktop with top performances
I don't like Ubuntu, I use crunch bang for a reason. Ubuntu is the Windows vista of Linux, but hey, even unity beats the metro. 
Whoa... that's called putting things simply.  Ubuntu just won't stand a chance, sorry.
Never had a problem with Windows 7. It's fashionable to bash windows, and yes I use both android and windows, not ubuntu, but will probably give it a try.
hi iam kid and i m board any advice
btw sorry for into rupting your convosation
there's nothing quite like being stuck in the past! Think of all the scripts you can use, how customisable it is, and the possibilities of rolling your own kernel........ - oh, hang on a bit, it's 2012, not 1992!
i don't really mind windows 8, it just takes some adjusting to.
I'm sticking with 7 on the Windows side as for my Linux installs I prefer Mint over Ubuntu.
Ken S
Why not spend some time learning to read and write?
Well said Mr. Paul Smith ... hakintoshes and ubuntooz ... scriptiose era is gone. Take it to Apple. Is Win8 your benchmark to beat? 
Or stay with Windows 7. I'd rather avoid the pain of trying to replace the Adobe creative suite on Ubuntu. 
+Camo Yoshi I don't see it as hate .. since I've converted some win installs over to Ubuntu, the phone calls about pop-ups, viruses, BSODs and more ... just went away. In fact, I heard nothing and at first I thought that they were unhappy and weren't calling me. I couldn't believe how well family and friends of all ages got on with Ubuntu. My life is easier when Ubuntu boots instead of Windows - that's all.
Awful typography on the ad, sadly...
This seems like it's more for people who like working on their computers more than actually using their computers to do things. 
Avoid the pain of Unity - make sure to "sudo apt-get install gnome-panel".
Or better yet, use linux mint, or one of the other versions based on debian and ubuntu that have other desktop managers (including gnome2, xfce, cinammon, mate) and skip unity all together...
Why would I, an avid PC gamer, even bother with Ubuntu? Steam is building in Linux support? Great, that doesn't mean developers of games are. What about Origin and other distro methods?

Will Kinect connected to my PC work as well in Ubuntu as it does in Windows?

Oh, I can dual boot? Why would I ever want to do that? So I can play games in Windows, and then boot into Linux when I want to do anything else? That's terribly user unfriendly and is like saying "Avoid all the pain of users windows, by also using Ubuntu to supplement it" No thanks.

I'm all for freedom of choice, but Ubuntu is NOT new user friendly, and lacks the compatibility and market support that Windows and Macs have. Until that changes, no thanks.
Wow not too long ago people were bitching about Unity. I loved Unity after a few weeks of use and after playing with W8 for a few weeks, its not bad.
Wow, I had to look to see if this was actually real! Go +Ubuntu, I love you!
I don't know about anyone else, but if I'm parting with hard-earned cash for a new computer or an OS I don't want the end result to be "not bad"

That's kinda like buying a car and saying "It only breaks down once a month, it's not bad!"
I like Windows 8. Even if you don't like the new interface it's basically the same thing as 7 with better performance. Just use that instead of the tiled interface. If you're really butt hurt about the few missing elements there's some apps that will bring it all back anyways, it's such a non-issue. Besides I'm a gamer, I know there are games, but Ubuntu is pretty lame in that respect.
Really, the modern operating system is almost completely irrelevant in and of itself.

It is all about the applications.

For 99.999% of end users, the OS is simply a means to get to applications. The applications I need all run on Windows but for one of them which runs on MacOS. It does irritate me somewhat that I had to buy a MacBook Pro to run one program- but it has paid for itself a few times over so I live with it. 

Without Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom/Illustrator, Microsoft Office, Manga/Anime Studio, Final Draft, Lightwave and ToonBoom running natively on the computer, I can't work professionally on it. And before you suggest open source alternatives, they are most emphatically neither as complete nor as capable as the commercial applications. I have made my living working on computers and the difference in productivity far more than makes up for the costs.

Combine that with poor interoperability and collaboration with every other professional's works and you are left with Linux being of very little use to those who are serious about using computers to create.

That said, I still LOVE that Linux is here and that there are really great open source projects for just about any need. If you aren't yet at the point where you can afford several thousand dollars worth of software, the amazing open source community can get you 75% of the way there. This is a rich and magnificent resource for people just starting out and those in the developing world.
+Anurag Patel who said anything about computer users, I said I am an avid PC gamer. i also use my PC for audio recording/editing, and my girlfriend uses it for photoshop and web design as well as gaming.

Ubuntu is not user friendly, even getting it set up initially is a giant pain, and god forbid something goes wrong, it can literally take days to sometimes fix the problems, not to mention ridiculous amounts of investigation on forums.

People who claim Dual OS is an option are ridiculous, way to find the most user unfriendly method ever.

Don't like Windows 8? Fine, but don't try and claim it doesn't work. There's clearly a reason why it's so popular, and it's definitely not because it's "broken"
Yeah! Avoid the pain of Microsoft Windows 8 by compiling dozens of thousands of code lines by yourself to make your system working, with for only help  Google, outdated articles from 2008 and 15 yo geeks.
See all your costly hardware not working because of the lack of drivers.
Not to mention the joy of a nice, brown, 8 colors desktop "Windows 95 like".
Dav Bob
That type of attitude is why I now no longer use Ubuntu. What happened to being open and free for all to use without feeling threatened by the ability of other? (definition of ubuntu btw) Why the need to bash other operating systems?
I'll be sticking with windows7 for as long as I can. It's rock solid and fast for me.
I tried ubunto it had too much lagging and unresponsive programs so i think Windows 8
I tried ububto too much lagging and unresponsive programs so i recommend Windows 8
Windows 8 is truly an excellent polished experience even in at the release preview. And so much better if you had the hindsight to have the windows phone.
Naaaah. Not yet. And honestly Ubuntu caused more pain when it adopted the Unity desktop
I've yet to check out Windows 8 besides some screenshots, what're the "pains" of it? (Just wondering)
If by rocks you mean isn't as good as Ubuntu then yes.  It is as useless as a rock.
Excellent.  Speaking as one who now has a Pangolin on his desktop B-)
Gotta say, this is pretty funny though.  I like it.
Both the UI formerly known as Metro and Unity are bad.
Um... Unity blows waaaay harder than Metro. At least Metro is smooth and doesn't freeze up every 20 seconds.
ah ha ha ha, enjoy your crapbuntu unity! I will be strutin around with my Surface and all you losers will be so jelly! 
I don't understand why everyone is talking about the GUIs (Graphic User Interface). If you don't like Unity, there are plenty of different GUIs for ubuntu (and linux in general). Microsoft, however, has only its GUI. So if you don't like it, you're stuck.
Wow most of you have obviously never used Ubuntu. I guess the FUD has really worked. Java hard to install, lmao. 
I'm running Ubuntu here at work. First, after booting up this morning, both screens displayed the same (???) so I needed to open the control center and switch them over and back to fix the issue. Than I've got a notice that I need to update Google Chrome - which failed with an unreadable error message. During my work with Ubuntu I experienced 4 crashes during the last 5 months. I didn't experienced any with my Windows box over the last 4 years. If Ubuntu is the user friendliest version of Linux available (we leave Android beside for the moment) - then I do understand why hardly anybody runs it at home.
A lot of people must be downloading it because my download is dog slow.  Can't wait to install and check it out.
I guess it is true of any item we purchase - no matter the evaluations or the street cred., it comes down to "buyer beware" - even for the freeware stuff....
Instead, enjoy the pain of Unity!

I'll stick with 10.04 until I have to change distro, thanks.
Pain?? I was sure that 8 would be when they got it right. :-)
"embrace the pain of unity"..... Gnome3!
Cool, downloading! :D
I'm happy with the Gnome3 workflow. But I use Ubuntu every day. Looking forward to the upgrade.
The ubuntus are horrible. My school took out all of the Mac stuff and replaced it and they're worse than the lunch food
I know that it's gonna be a stupid question but would someone be able to tell what would b the best Linux version for a laptop with Celeron processor and less than a gig of ram. And can I run ms office and chrome browser on it... #tiredofwindows
Everything cool... I just have to get another computer to install Ubuntu.
you should switch the default to cinnamon and remove that god awful shopping lens
Somehow I doubt that was the actual tagline from Canonical!! I remember reading "Your wish is our command" when I downloaded my iso image this morning!
Did it really say that or was this photoshopped?
Checked the site and right now it says "Your wish is our command."
So glad your school replaced Macs with Ubuntu. I don't want my tax dollars getting wasted, feeding the Apple patent trolls.
Problem with Linux is I just don't like the look of it. Looks cheaply made. I do like Linux though.
i can't say that ubuntu is good or bad OS , coz i didn't use it a lot , but why always this comparison with windows , is your goal making a good OS for users , or just be better than windows
If I geht native Adobe Lightroom (not through Wine) on Ubuntu, I will migrate immediately.
Windows 8 isn't even going to come out...
I have Ubuntu on a laptop.... but resorting to childish antics does not make anyone look intelligent.
Ou Ija
marketing slogan seems unnecessarily aggressive. 
Not a fan, I'll stick with Mac. Have to admit I still need Windows for playing games, but I don't see any need for using Ubuntu.
How do I avoid the pain of Ubuntu? OSX? Hehe
I would love to install ubunto on my Acer W500.
Except for most people Ubuntu is 100 times more confusing than Windows 
what sounds more easy
Ubuntu 12.10
Windows 8
Ernesto, your opinion sounds reasoned and educated. I'd like to subscribe to your newsletter.
Avoid the pain of Windows, and use Linux lol... Ok. 
Pfft. Avoid the pain of Ubuntu ... use Linux Mint.
Ernesto Laracuente, please explain your reasoning.  I'm writing this on a quad-core i5 (ivy bridge), with nVidia 560 graphics card and Linux Mint.  My hardware functions perfectly, everything works and I've saved hundreds, no, thousands of dollars in software expenses in the last couple of years.  If you consider my Linux use dates to 2004, my savings are even more extensive.

Do I use Windows?  Yeah, for Netflix and League of Legends.  Games and entertainment.

With Linux, I need not worry about viruses, worms, trojans or other forms of malware sneaking past my anti-malware software.  Can you say the same of your vaunted Windows?
But Windows 8 is actually good... People hate it because they want to be too high and mighty for it... It's really good performance wise, and the minor annoyances that everyone is flipping their shit about are actually really cool when you get used to it.
My problem with Windows 8 is that, like most MS operating systems experiences, it will probably be fine for a few months.  It is when the registry starts to self-corrupt and other things go wrong that buyers remorse appears.  Don't need to go through that yet one more time.
Not had the time to press the Upgrade button yet - that's tomorrow with any luck - but judging by my experience over the last few years I expect it to be very painless. Something you really can't say for most other systems. I certainly remember the world of pain that upgrades were on my old gentoo system!
I'm using both Win8 and Ubuntu, and to be honest - Windows 8 is awesome. Ubuntu at least since Unity is slow and generally terrible comparing to win8.
I have always wanted to get into Ubuntu but I never could 
why not crop the pic and use google goggles to search for it?
I was gonna dual boot it... but I can't run league of legends on it
How do I get it I can't seem to find the button to upgrade can you help me please
lol. Its not too bad. I'd still rather have almost any other OS
Lol I scroll up and I see a comment from +Gary Raper Jr about league!.! Lol I thought me my wife and best friend were the only ones that play
Good unless you want to something other than tinker with an OS.
We use Debian and Mint to pretty much replace MSUbuntu.  As for Win-ate-my computer, We Left MS products years ago and have not looked back.
Why all the h8 on windows 8, I got a copy from dreamspark like two months ago. It ls light and fast on my optiplex 745. I agree, metro was odd when I first checked it out, but after setting it up, I almost prefer it now.
As soon as I can run Adobe programs on it
I'm getting a new computer soon and I think I might put Ubuntu on a flash drive or partition it. I like Ubuntu, but I just can't use all of the programs I like, but if I need to just do some quick browsing it would be nice.
That's stupid dumb dumb, the windows 8 is a lot better than that phoneay
A snide remark is not going to help Ubuntu win people over.
Yea, well I think I will skip Windows 8!!!  Haven't heard many words of encouragement toward Windows 8 at all.
Yeah! You tell 'em! Stupid dumb dumb!
lol snide you say....i beg to differ
Errrr what?
What pain of Windows 8? It is fantastic!
Its a shame that Ubuntu has been turned into web troll. Honestly MetroUI is fairly good and its a good choice for tablets and other touch based devices. Even W7 was much better then Vista. I however stopped using Ubuntu past 10.04 as it became full out rubuish. I love Linux and Windows as I use both for programing and running servers. However Unity is horrible and you can hide that fact. Not only that but Ubuntu became more buggy and started handling flash horribly ones it got past 10.04. So sorry Ubuntu, but I will stick with W7/8 this time :(
+PT Desu I'm using Ubuntu 12.04 as a server and it works very well. I'm still using 10.04 for my desktops and laptops, though.
 using Ubuntu, win 7 and win8 on a same table. I like Ubuntu but win8 gives totally different  experience on winrt. apps
+Susan Curtin CPU Idle usage is down almost 700MHz, Idle Graphics Processor usage is down by about 200MHz and Idle Graphics RAM Clock down 100MHz, leaving far more for games and applications than Windows 7 (I could only play Metro 2033 on DirectX10 Medium Graphics, can now play full on DirectX11 with about 32x Tesselation and full Anti-Aliasing, Could only play SR3 on DirectX9, now DirectX11 on High-Medium with 4xAntialiasing, and Crysis 2 would only run full if Low Res Textures were turned off, now full 60fps with it on and 34 with full tesselation).


Great article ^
Avoid the pain by using Unity - something totally not like a "classic" Windows desktop? "lol".

I'm using XFCE with a bit of LXDE and KDE apps. I wouldn't be rather using Linux if the desktop was like Gnome Shell or Unity only... KDE4 also has something missing when compared to the good old days of KDE3 ;)
As Kevin Matthew suggests, Lubuntu's the superior version of Ubuntu and suffciently like Windows in UI feel to allow for an easy transition.

My first considered act with any Linux I install is to add the LXDE desktop environment. 
IDK just wanted to comment.... You guys are extremely smart....
Can't wait to see how my Lightroom/Photoshop workflow flies on Ubuntu! Oh, wait…
Windows 7 and Linux Mint MATE (Now)
Windows 8 + Classic Shell (maybe)
I ditched Ubuntu a couple of years ago. I find Linux Mint a lot more intersting
+Marc Daniels Have you installed home brew on OSX? Should be able to find any of the missing UNIX packages with that :-) works like apt-get / yum. 
yes... I'm so glad you fucking posted this I was just thinking about this yesterday,,.
Buy into the pain of editing xorg.conf by hand and randomly changing ABIs in the kernel! YES!
I think the new Windows 8 phones are gonna be great

Didn't Ubuntu have the exact same pains not long ago when they switched to Unity?
Has anyone used windows 8 nokia lumia or htc8x
Most software and games are Windows.  Sorry, I'll stick to Windows.
Seriously? If Windows 8 is painful, the answer is just sticking to Windows 7, not switching Ubuntu where you continuously need to sudo, configure, make, vim ...
Ryan S
As a regular Ubuntu user, I can assure you it has its own fair share of issues
I hear a lot of people say the same thing about the Unity desktop. Glass houses and all ya know.
Yeah cause Ubuntu is on all the computers at the 48,000 person company I work at. #Sarcasm
I have installed Linux along with Windows for a while and I can say since the last 2 years I have been using Linux a lot more often than Windows.
Lol. Like Ubuntu is a walk in the park :p
In ubuntu you can run different desktops and window managers. If you do not like ubiquity try kde, lxde, xbmc, xfce, openbox etc. Or grab a live cd of kubuntu, lubuntu, xubuntu etc. I agree Cononical is making some bad decisions with their desktop nit unlike windows you are not forced to use their desktop.
Shame we can't avoid the unity pain, don't get me wrong I am a Linux user, and used to recommend Ubuntu to everyone, but now due to unity and compatibility issues I have had to move to Linux Mint (cinnamon edition) which is based on Ubuntu but without unity
I would have said "avoid the pane..."
I wish there was a -1 button...
If only I could get this to run i such a manner that I do not loose any fuctionality on my TF101...
yeah -1 and i even run 12.10 LOL
Loading 12.10 right now but I still don't think Windows 8 is a pain. I'm sad that Ubuntu takes this course now that they get more popular...
avoid the pain of ubuntu unity, get linux mint
Because Unity is a totally better solution than Metro, right guys? guys? Right?

Canonical, I'm gonna let you finish, but XFCE has the best desktop environment of all times!
so far i like the windows 8... all they did was make metro the start menu.... and it runs games fast buuuuuutttt i think ill stick with Ubuntu.
Win 8 can always be install in VirtualBox if need be.
Avoid the pain of Ubuntu, OSX!
+Hugh Jass i hear ya i'm just glad my Mac Book Pro  Runs them all  FTW.
Beware ! Bald-mer has the record of throwing chair ! The major problem is, the mass new computer users are not even aware of Linux. They usually buy a computer with OEM crapware. Without this kind of promotion its not possible to push M$ to back foot. Its not private cloud or Public Cloud that users are well aware of the presence of Open Stack or Juju...
DOes it sync with Microsoft Word well? I'm on an XP at work at the moment - but would love to upgrade to this if it's free and synchronises well with existing programs and files.
+Danny Hodges Seems a bit foolish to recommend it for everyone. I'm an avid computer user and I've gotta say it's still too complicated for me (I couldnt figure out how to get Chrome on the thing -- kind of a deal breaker).
CJ: sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable
Most games are still Windows/OSX, with a few notable exceptions (e.g., House of Neuwirth, Steam).  In regards productivity software, there's no commonly used Windows package that doesn't have its equivalent--or superior--in Linux.  So, if you wish to make the assertion that you'll continue to use Windows because of the games, that's fine.  That's what I use it for (that and Netflix are all I use it for).  Given the price difference between the Linux software packages (which are almost always free) and the Windows software packages, unless you wish to pirate all of your software, a fully equipped Linux productivity desktop will be easily a thousand or two fewer US dollars less than an equivalent Windows desktop.

So, explain to me again why I should buy Windows (and its software), when I can have an equally powerful, equally fast, and manifestly more secure OS/software setup for free?

Finally, there are some instances where Linux is clearly superior to Windows, e.g., CGI, 3D modeling of molecules, etc.  Avatar, X-Men, et al., are product of a super-cluster comprised of over 4,000 HP blades, containing 104 TB of RAM...and running on Linux.

In part, this is due to Linux's OSS background, which allows programmers to modify existing programs to their purposes.  It's also undoubtedly due in part to financial reasons.  The cost of clustering 4k blades under Windows would be...insanely prohibitive.
at least Ubuntu/Canonical should provide better information and support on notebooks... I don't even know if my machine is supported
Hmm, I think I' ll be just fine with Windows 7 on my laptop and Android 4 on my cell thank you.
Haha... Drop compatibility with all your current software (which would run just fine in W8) and start over in a good, but expert geared ecosystem that you need to at least have a novice knowledge of terminal for...
Seriously, some people complain about any change because they just can't handle change (Personal problem, not a system problem).  It has nothing to do with Win-8 being a poor version of windows.  Most of the bashing of win-8, come from a majority of people who've never, ever used win-8. Worse yet, the're forming those views because of other negative comments they see on the internet made by yet even more people who've never used win-8.   Most of those complaints are factually incorrect or just close-minded.   Everything you need to do and are used to doing with windows is still there. Just like windows 7.   Its just a different U/I when out of the desktop mode.  Yet, it works well with mouses & touch. And anyone can learn after an hour or two of playing with it.  Instead of using a start button menu, you use the start screen & the corners which bring up charms/additional info. Seriously, its not that difficult, or even hard to learn after a short using period. And you don't need a search box under the start menu because you just start typing in win-8 to get the search function, greatly increasing its accessibility.
Or buy a Mac and not inflict hours of worthless suffering upon yourself.
I actually activated the ads to help canonical. least we can do for them.
I don't thinks anybody should be choosy in regards to preferebility to software, & never yield to pre- judgmental opinions without trying by oneself... Ubuntu is ubuntu & windows is windows.. No comparison!!
WoW.. They actually did that? That's awesome!
I am not a gamer, I use my Ubuntu box for work. My team built the box 2 years ago, and other than some tweaking the video card, it just works. I haven't rebooted the thing in over a month, have about 75 tabs open in Chrome, 27 in Firefox editing 5 different images in GIMP, 4 spreadsheets in Libre, 33 PHP files in GEdit, 8 FTP sites in Filezilla, and an SSH session running for the last week. Try that with a Windows box.
Ye Yang
Now already changed to "your wish is our command"...... (?) or the MS lawyer will send the bill I suppose.
BTW, my wife, who is an elementary teacher is on a repurposed Dell from 2005 running Kubuntu. Linux is probably easier for non-savvy users and new users that Windows at this point. My kids use an old HP netbook with EDubuntu. Start them early, start them late, just get them on open source.
If you know what your doing all OS's work fine, I prefer windows because I like 99% of software to be compatible
I like Windows Vista. I'm wondering if Windows 8 is worse or better?
I LVE the new unbunto, but not as much as windows 8, sry guys
Don.t like something about Ubuntu - Linux? Freedom to change as much or as little to suit your taste. 
Will this free me from Windows hell without needing a PhD in computer science?
This makes sense, Windows 8 is a radical change from previous Windows. Instead of learning/relearning how to use Windows 8, why not try out a stable, mature, and open-source alternative instead?
protools, acid pro, zune, serato, office, sharepoint, FFXI, flstudio where?
This is definitely photoshoped. Ubuntu would never use Apple style marketing tactics. And why are people always talking about Windows hell?! What about the super expensive and the least customizable computers by Apple?
Come on now. Biased arent we? Give me a break. Windows is a great operating system. So is OS P and Ubuntu/Linux. Silly bickering dont you think?
I switched to Windows over Ubuntu, and I'm quite happy about that decision.
What about the user , which one is the easyest to use

windows 8 will be the worst thing in the history of the woirl for indie games. that is why i use linux.
Yeah I agree with that slogan lmao. 
I wonder how many people here are on a Microsoft Windows OS right now.
Ubuntu, or any Linux, does not have a decent handwriting or ink system... Until then they are useless on Tablets (IMO). Windows on the other hand has excellent hand writing recognition built in and system wide.
I've been using Windows 7 for years. I am trying Windows 8 for two months. Never faced any important issue. 

Ubunto is fine, is cool, but I see no valid reason to proceed the  exchange. Windows meets my necessities and is extremely friendly. I like this. 

Those who think the same about Ubunto must not change. It seems to be a choice question, nothing more. 
+John Ireland Anything that Windows 'does better' won't last or isn't important enough to fix.
I really don't get why people choose to use Windows. It's big, bad, and it breaks. But worst of all it is closed source. Why voluntarily stick that on your computer? Ubuntu takes like 5 minutes to install and is very easy to use.
If I could (easily) install games and update drivers, I would switch and never look back...
lmfao win8 is stellar as good as win better faster,cleaner, and more visually stunning.the functionality is superb i can't wait for full support

p.s. if you want a REAl linux distro go backtrack or go home!
Using ubuntu since 5.10 --now on 12.04(gnome failback+compiz+cairo).Linux PCs dont have a performance degrade even if you use for longer durations (2-3) yrs.Hats off to the kernel team.All these years all the distros are way behind on aesthetics.
The aesthetics of win/mac are never challenged.Unity is crap for PC's,perhaps would be better option on tablets(yet to be proven).Considering tablets are a all in-one package where the microsoft/apple/andriod(*nix clone ;many wont like to say so) ones are the hardware+s/w optimized--we have to wait for years to reach a customizable hardware availability for tablets to run linux! 
Office suites --openoffice/libre are way behind to catchup with the winoffice .Libreoffice is still bearing the office98/staroffice looks&features 
Ubuntu is no match for Windows 8. Unless Microsoft makes a Linux distribution, the GNOME or Unity cannot match 'Windows'.
Avoid the lame of Ubuntu 12.10.  Use Arch.  It isn't just new today.  It's new everyday.
Avoid the lame of Windows 8 and the incompatibility of Ubuntu 12.1. Stick with Windows 7. It's good enough, right?
To avoid Windows 8 is to keep using Windows 7. Moving to Ubuntu is a nightmare to those who have little knowlege about computer. Ubuntu or Linux-wise is for people who are very knowlegable about computer. 
Apples iCloud nagware and the ongoing IOSification of OSX has me seriously considering a switch..
I cannot believe they do that.
Made the switch 5 years ago (xp x64 was the proverbial straw on the donkey's back) and haven't looked back - took the suse route tho.
the stupidest thing read this week....
Epic question: How do I get Gnome classic in newest release ?
you can change it in your login screen. Unity is horrible.
Or you can just go for Gnome itself :p
Wow.... blimey. This post of +Alan Pope 's must be the most commented post of his!! :P
I can't spend hours searching for suitable graphics drivers for Ubuntu. Tried using it as main Os but gave up after few days. There is no applications for cpu fan management and cpu fan keeps rotating right from the beginning. Overall it's nice but i can't think of using it as main or primary Os. Thank you! 
+CJ Griesmeyer before unity came along 99% of the systems I built/sold were for basic home users that did little more than surfing the net and a few basic office tasks, this is so easy to setup, and if you really needed chrome you have two options, install chromium from the software centre that is part of the os, or go to the chrome download Page and select the 32 or 64 bit version for Debian/Ubuntu and click on accept and install, it's not hard, even my 79 year old grandad used it without problems, that's until unity was forced on us, unfortunately he has gone back to using windows 7
It runs very nicely alongside OSX Snow Leopard, LinuxMint, Devian, Win8 and many others in VirtualBox on my Win7 desktop and Win7 laptop.
What windows? Are you fucking kidding me? Is this a joke? What asstard wouls ever use a m$ product past xp? Someone who is bling, vain or ignorant is what. Computers are gay.
+Ant Teqi Said who? I've got it on my PC right now (the final release version, not the pre release) 
+Paul Simonson Did you ditch it over driver issues? I've gotta admit I spent my first 2 days with it sorting them out.

And what hype? Honestly every one seems to hate Windows 8, theres a small minority that give it props.

If you ever get the chance to easily try out Windows 8 agajn, force yourself for to for a week and play some games. You'll find your hardware with far less stress on it (once you spend forever getting drivers working, which is easier with AMD) 
I know what you mean! but windows 8 is great for me!
I tried it, it seems pretty clean, I wouldn't say it was faster than my windows OS though. . I like the sleek interface and how everythings laid out, but still. .

Only real problem would be a compatability issue with games / programs.
I really like Linux distributions. Started with Kubuntu 7.10. Now enjoying Debian. But the Problem with this is the software only running on Windows. I'd really appreciate Linux versions of AutoCAD, Revit, Cinema4D and the Adobe suites...
Therefore for me, it's not my wish but a necessarity to run Windows..
Gonna be alot of pain with win 8
Significant paradigm shift in how one uses Windows
+Colin Hobbs So you can not play them?
And what you are thinking of was for the Microsoft App Store, that thing nobody will use. Games distributed the same way they always have, either through Steam or a website (Slender, Minecraft, Terraria when it first released, etc) wont be at all affected. 
Quite the opposite. Windows 8 is fun to use (I'm a desktop user). It will only get better when the Win Store is fully open. I was a Ubuntu fan since the day they insisted mailing me 10 physical CDs when I only asked for 5. Brilliant. But love no more since 10.04LTS and I'm now 60% MINT and 40% Win 8.
Taras Halturin, that's my U300... great  computer!
I just got Windows 8 on laptop and I'm lovin it. Mouse and keyboard do not function any differently. You click on live-tiles just like you would any normal icon. No gestures or swiping for desktop. Its super fast, accessing apps is super fast, for both desktop & metro apps. I'm not really understanding how people say its not meant for desktop, or sucks for desktop. It took 5 minutes to learn the changes, and its fluid and fast through the whole system.
I have win8 and vector linux 7 x64 (Slackware 13.37) on my laptop and Windows 8 is really nice, I'm well impressed. He says after 25 years in IT IBM, Microsoft and UNIX
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