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Alan Phillips

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Arn't they the same thing +Bobby Hollingsworth ?
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Alan Phillips

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8/11... Not bad.
Some of these paintings are on refrigerators. Others are in MoMA.
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3/11. And I like the toddler art better. 
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Alan Phillips

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I might've shared this before... but its still great.
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Alan Phillips

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The proud dude who takes his coffee black... Sounds about right.
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Alan Phillips

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Be careful... You'll get shot by a cop who thinks that's a real bazooka.
Homemade plastic army man Halloween costumes
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Alan Phillips

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My dad unexpectedly uses my Linux laptop to get real work done | Hacker News

#linux #ubuntu  
Both my parents are 60+. My mom is perfectly fine using Ubuntu on my old x61 for email, browsing, and YouTube. To be fair she could probably replace it with a tablet if it weren't for the fact that she visits a lot of flash sites (Chinese TV streaming sites). Likewise my dad is on another Ubuntu ...
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Alan Phillips

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Why do people continue trusting these guys with their personal information?
Sony might be staring down the barrel of another PlayStation Network security breach. The company, having just had a successful launch of the PlayStation 4 console, has sent out emails to an unknown [...]
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Alan Phillips

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My favorite rental car yet. Just had to give her back :-(
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It was an awesome looking ride!  Your best rental yet!?
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...Time Warner screwed up on their weekly emergency test thing. Fedora 10? Really?
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Better than windows at any rate. At least you know the emergency systems will be reliable. 
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Alan Phillips

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Lucky Man!
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Have him in circles
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Lead Technician - Compu Logic
  • Compu Logic
    Lead Technician, 2009 - present
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Effort, PA - Saylorsburg, PA
Android user, coder, IT professional, country music lover.
  • Pleasant Valley High School
    2003 - 2007
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