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Author on Modern Buddhism.
Author on Modern Buddhism.


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With everything going on in our world, we can take solace in knowing that what is right and just usually prevails. It is important to remember that people are inherently good, and want peaceful and safe lives. So how can you, as a citizen, affect change? By following "Engaged Buddhism" principles and teachings, you can do it! Even those who are not "Buddhist", such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Gandhi, have followed these same concepts and principles with great success.

View my article here:

For a "TL:DR" here are some highlights:

1) All things are impermanent and will eventually change.
2) All things are dependent on causes and conditions.
3) Be mindful with your thoughts and actions.
4) Be peaceful and nonviolent while being engaged working for the change you wish to see.
5) You may often be ignored, or your views minimized, by those in power or those opposed to your views.  Stay mindful, engaged, peaceful, and compassionate.
6) Understand why the "other side" feels they way they do, and seek common ground as we all live in the same community and are all interdependent on each other.
7) Do not use harsh or divisive speech, and do not use violent or destructive actions.

#Buddhism #Buddhist #EngagedBuddhism

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I like how someone at my local +Barnes & Noble grouped Ven. #ThichNhatHanh books together 👍🙏

Side note, I have all of these books! If you don't have Old Path White Clouds, you really should. Excellent.


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AMC is having a #BreakingBad marathon. Fittingly it is on #SamsaraSunday! Proof that anything can teach you about #Buddhism, here is my article on Breaking Bad and Buddhism! Enjoy and please share!

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#Buddhist "Karma Coins" currency? Some want to make it happen. Story by Sam Littlefair on Lions Roar.

Would you participate in this?


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Karma Again? Why Karma is still misunderstood by non-Buddhists.

Last month, now former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci said that President Trump has "really good Karma", and that is why he will get a win with health care legislation. You can watch it here (I have the time index to start where the question was asked, then his reply:

You can read my article about Karma in Buddhism here, for what Karma really is all about and why it matters to you:

I bring it up in this post not for any political reasons, but to illustrate how widespread the belief in "karma" is as a way to get either rewarded, or punished. It has crept into every nook and cranny of our modern thinking. Often this thinking has been wrapped around what we think karma should be, and not what it is.

Karma is not something unique to Buddhism, but often when it is talked about people typically think of Buddhism. Thus, I will talk about it from that angle!

If you don't want to read my article (linked above) and want a TL;DR, here you go:

There is wholesome and unwholesome karma (we don't call it good or bad), and I explain it as what brings you closer to the path towards enlightenment. If you ever played the game "hot or cold", where you hide something and tell the other player if they are getting "hotter" or "colder" as they search for it, you get the general idea. The more unwholesome karma we make, the further from the path we are, and the longer we stay in the cycle of birth and death (samsara / rebirth). The more wholesome karma we make, the greater progress we can make towards achieving enlightenment, realizing nirvana, and ending rebirth.

Karma, to a Buddhist, is something they do not want. They want to achieve "karma without outflows", which is what enlightened beings, like the Buddha, have. Karma keeps us in the cycle of birth and death, and Buddhism is about escaping that. Plain and simple.

But what about everyday life? Is there nothing that we can benefit from here and now? Karmic actions create what we refer to as "seeds" in our store consciousness. When causes and conditions are ripe, they transfer to our mind consciousness where they impact us. When these seeds bloom, like a lotus flower, it affects how skillful we are in this life.

Ask yourself daily if you are on the path towards liberation (enlightenment)? If so, we stop focusing so much on self, and instead gain greater compassion for all living beings.  However if we focus more on self, and attachments, we regress from where we should be going and what path we should be on.  Instead we stay stuck on that NASCAR racetrack known as Samsara. You may sometimes go in for a pit-stop between lives, but your race car is still the same and can get worse. Stop crashing into other cars and the racetrack wall, and use start gaining some wholesome karma. Let your pit crew help you when you stop creating the wrong actions!

#Buddhism #Buddhist #Karma #Trump

+Bodhipaksa just saw your article in Lions Roar! Nice! :). Glad to see the fake Buddha quotes website getting some larger and widespread attention!

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This is very interesting. While the article I was reading was basically focusing on Muslim birth surpassing Christian births by 2035, the Buddhist stats are also in there (we are the only group to be in the negative... -7% decrease). Like most Buddhists, I simply shrugged my shoulders. Numbers do not matter to us, only those who want to truly be on the path.

Original story link:

#Buddhism #Buddhist
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This was funny :) But I still wonder why there is something looking like a slice of pie in the cartoon?

#Zen #Chan #Buddhism
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