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Giving away 2 Google Pixel Phones find out how you could WIN! Make sure to Reshare this post to DOUBLE your chance of winning!

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Just because they are... Stupid racist apple employee!

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Yep. This is the one...
LG V10 : Hands On

Just how many drops can the LG V10 stand?
Through real life testing, Android Authority figured out the ONE way to affect LG V10's strong stainless steel and protective DuraSkin.

See what happens here:

#LG   #LGV10   #V10   #Android   #Mobile  

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If the price is right.
LG Announces The V10: Dual Front Camera, Dual Display - Ahead of its scheduled launch event in New York, LG has made the LG V10 official. We’ve known for a while that LG was preparing a device with a secondary display. At first, a lot of us wrote it off as something close to a gimmick, which marketing would then play and hype up on a phone that may not have anything else going on for it. But with LG making the phone official, we couldn’t have been more wrong on this regard. The LG V10 is th...

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Version 2.5 released!

List of changes:
 - No more noise when turning on screen with screen off listening disabled
 - Improvements to starting from behind lockscreen, should be faster and more reliable for more devices
 - Bug fixes with tasker interface
 - Fixes for some devices getting system volume "locking"
 - Open Mic+ will now stop and restart itself for a phone call
 - New icon! Credit to: Adriano Loiacono
 - Performance/general bug fixes

Notes about the future of Open Mic+:
  I have tried very hard to implement my own speech recognition, but I lack the time or the skills to complete this. If anybody can help me, please contact me! Otherwise I'll be stuck with Google Speech Recognition. I plan on placing the app back on the play store after the release of Kitkat (I want to see how the new release affects the project)

Download on xda and on the website
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