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War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.
+Alan Bombria > War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is
> strength.

George Orwell, Nineteen Eighty-Four.
Interesting, but too much of a blanket statement for me to applaud.
We destroy and we create. You can't do one without also doing the other, actually. It's impossible to do just one thing.
This statement implies there was some idyllic past where these institutions were ALL benevolent. SOME doctors SOME lawyers SOME governments SOME press SOME religion SOME banks have done these things for as long as they have existed. This is just more despair mongering.
+Brian Fuller The statement implies that now, unlike times in the past, the principal effects of the named institutions are as stated, or at least that there are substantial aspects of the accepted and mandated behavior of the named entities that have that result.
but could you not consider that love dwells in all and that even though the person might be doing acts of evil, love is what is propelling them. nothing is all bad but somethings are all good
The old has to go to make way for the "new" way of thinking .
(thought I'd add my bit)
to me sounds as if you are saying that it the materialism in us that propels for the out with the old. in that case I would say you are wrong in that the out with the old in with the new is just a circle of life and not necessarily destruction as you put it.
I believe that the world is like energy! it can not be created nor destroyed but can be transformed into different thing. what we figure to be destruction may just be a manifestation of new beginnings and evolution and not necessarily destruction.
Man is good and I stand by that.
Oh yes, as new souls are born so are new stars.
It's just (I feel) it takes 2000 years or so to take on a different mindset that will take us forward .
[even I, find it hard at times to get my mind around it all]
There is a certain irony that I agree with the statement here while completely disagreeing with the point of view from which Mr. Hedges makes this statement from.

Since Mr. Hedges was a long time journalist at the New York Times this could be taken as his objections to the lack of objectivity there, but somehow I suspect that is not the case.
What in the heck is new about this?
Like the roman empire or church were about justice and peace......
I fell that he implies that we are destroying the world or civilization. who is to say that things were meant to be this way
"How did Peter, Paul and Mary put it?"
For the times they are a changing ! I think Dylan had a shot at it too.
but was his shot aimed in the right direction. the statements ( hate the word facts) are, one could say wild accusations. how did he get to universities are destroying knowledge?
but consider all that man has gained through all his mistake, all the above mentioned were just that, mistakes. All I am hearing is that man is bad and deserves to be destroyed as he has destroyed. Do you agree?
I don't interpret Mr. Hedges' comment as intending to imply an extreme universality. He didn't say "all lawyers always," nor "most lawyers always," nor "all lawyers often," for example.
+Prince II People rarely make a statement like that unless they believe it's true. And they generally expect those who read or hear their comment to find an interpretation of what they've said that isn't obviously wrong on its face.
well therefore you must agree that all man is good, and that the love of money is the problem.
lmao. to be fair now, in some aspects he is right but the connotations I do not agree with. have got to sleep. have got an Exam in 6 hours.
Well in my opinion guy(Chris Hedges) you just may need to move to another nation where its is better...hmmmmm.. there is none!!!
Science ??
Let's use the old "flat earth society" as a guide .
Prior to Columbus and his mates going for a sail!
The majority of Doctors,Lawyers,Teachers,Press and Bankers
Told him that the Earth is flat you idiot
(now if you want me to quote more of history I will)
People just accept the "Status Quo" as if they don't, they can't handle the ostracization of themselves. (in the past, their demise) and that's about it in a nutshell; people in the past have wrote history to suit themselves.
This Chris Hedges geezer is a cup half empty kind of guy...Miserable cunt!
True but when is it? Unfortunately its life mate, and i wonder where this geezer got all of information from??? I am guessing it will have something to do with the media!
That is true but that is how I say things! So for me it doesn't take any quality away from my point of view.
I would watch the video but his little line about the media (the press) discredits what he is trying to say. I assume that someone else also helped him edit his video which taints it.
I am not here to argue by the way i am just bored at work and trawling the net.
Is it just me or does he look a little like a Nazi? 
Boy did you get that right! Anyone that has lived in this culture knows that you're 100% right Chris!
Dion i talk how i want to talk and if people don't take me seriously then that is up to them. I
Most of the nations are doing that. I am sure the end of the world will be caused by this attitude of the politicians who are so selfish that they can do anything for their profit.
Exactly how I feel except for the universities part and that 'nation' should be changed to 'world'.
One day the sun will destroy the Earth, but I'm not going to sit around and dwell on the subject. All you can do is, accept things that are out of your control, and try to change things for the better, that you have the power to. We as A nation, need to scrutinize the backgrounds of the people we elect to public, and private positions of authority. Make sure you elect people who reflect your views, and beliefs, if you don't vote, then your opinions are null ,and void. Use your freedom of speech, and find others to communicate with who have similar views, pretty soon you may become A group, and then possibly an organization. There is great strength in numbers, look no further than the Great Pyramids or the thousands of people whose collective contributions ,put the first men on the moon.
my biggest concern right now, is whether or not my tomato plants will produce A good crop. I have much bigger issues I need to address, but focusing on one small part of my to do list, (watering, and fertilizing) the garden. I then have one less thing to worry about, and I instantly feel A sense of
accomplishment, then I go on to the next project. We as A nation, need to have A list of obtainable goals, A roadmap to progressive success that we, as A nation can feel proud again, to be A citizen of the USA, and A custodian of the good earth. All the greatest leaders throughout history, led by example, we need to become the great nation our forefathers meant for us to become, an example of how average people, can govern themselves fairly, honestly, with dignity, and respect ,for the rights of all men,worldwide ,regardless of their differences in beliefs in religion, ethnicity, customs,social status, historical differences, sexuality or culinary, preferences. We don't have to be harbingers of destruction, we all have within us, the ability for compassion, and mutual understanding, and of coarse, cultural, and religious tolerance, unless it interferes with the rights, and freedoms of other men.
We also live in a nation where the citizens allow this to happen.
Riz Man
This is true yet saddening :|
Then be the voice of reason and never give up!!!
In that case, engineering is the holiest job for the nation's economy.
Greg S
Not said by Chris Hedges.  Apparently by "Dr." Michael Ellner (he seems to have stopped using the title), who is most famous for denying that there is any underlying viral cause for AIDS.
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