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Those were "external forces" at work, according to the commentary I see these days. 
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In the new book Scandinavian Unexceptionalism: Culture, Markets and the Failure of Third-Way Socialism, academic Nima Sanandaji, Ph.D., makes an iron-clad case showing that the Nordic nations' relative success predates the welfare state and that socialism didn't lead to Scandinavia's success, but rather its back-pedaling. by Alex Newman
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+Alan Lovejoy If there is a native of Scandinavia I want  I was marrying one.. I doubt I can get closer then that.. And far as Credentials and meticulously cited look  for Phds who write books on creation science, flat earth science  heck you can find a whole lot of nonsense if you want.. LIke I said  I have friends and family who actually live there.. I'll go by what they say :o)
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Earth from Space: San Francisco and parts of the Bay Area

In this image you can see parts of San Francisco and the San Francisco Bay Area from space, taken by NASA astronaut Scott Kelly ( from aboard the International Space Station (ISS). 

Super Bowl 50, Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos, is taking place in the home of the San Francisco 49ers, the Levi's Stadium (, which actually can't be seen in this image because it is further down south in Santa Clara. For a wider view of the area including Santa Clara click here:

Year in Space

Scott Kelly is currently on a one-year mission in space, joined by Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko ( By extending the mission time from the usual six months to one year the researchers hope to better understand how the human body reacts and adapts to long-duration spaceflight. More on that here:   

Scott Kelly frequently posts pictures from space on his Twitter, follow him here:

Image credit: San Francisco from space NASA/Scott Kelly / Edited by +Pierre Markuse 

#space #sanfrancisco   #superbowl50   #superbowl2016 #yearinspace #iss #earth #internationalspacestation #scottkelly #photography  
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It kinda looks like trash, doesn't it? First time I find a satellite image of a great city look ugly. 
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“Taxation is the price we pay for failing to build a civilized society. The higher the tax level, the greater the failure. A centrally planned totalitarian state represents a complete defeat for the civilized world, while a totally voluntary society represents its ultimate success.” ~ Mark Skousen
Don't worry though, we haven't had Democratic Socialism yet.  That'll work for sure.
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one of my fav's
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Me: "You should be free."

Them: "How dare you try to impose your philosophy on me!"
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You do get pushy at times...
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John M
+Jack Durst extra hamburgers?
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Voting is legally and morally equivalent to bending the knee, kissing the ring, and swearing fealty.
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To be logically valid, rights must be perfectly reciprocal. There is no higher authority than you yourself.
Currently, I am a discretionary, private trader.  

Previously, I have worked as a programmer, software engineer, technical project lead, solution architect, enterprise architect and Director of Engineering and Architecture.  My software-related specialties include data structures and algorithms, object oriented analysis and design, meta-programming, Smalltalk, Java, financial trading software, date and time computations, source code versioning and modularization, software components, semantics, ontologies and logic programming.

My other interests include political philosophy (I'm a libertarian market anarchist,) the law, science & technology, business and economics, linguistics and foreign languages (Russian, French, German, Spanish), cultural anthropology, chess, fantasy & science fiction, fine dining, and a relatively wide taste in different genres of music.

Politically, I'm an anarchist. I don't think that any government should exist (where by 'government', I mean a state with a monopoly on making law, enforcing the law and judging how the law applies.)

No, that doesn't mean there should be no rules, just no rulers. Rules should not be made by a monopolist of rule making. Rules should not be enforced by a monopolist of rule enforcement. And whether or not the rules have been followed should not be decided by a monopolist of ultimate decision making -- especially not when those rules are intended to limit or control the monopolist who makes the decisions!

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Author of the Essence# programming language, of the Chronos Date/Time Library (Smalltalk) and of "Smalltalk: Getting The Message"
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