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Nice blog post about email, collaboration and social features in core business applications by +Sameer Patel 
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Thank you +Jordan Frank. I find these "email is dead" or "so and so replacing email" discussions so tiresome. Why can't people simply stick to the old "right tool for the right job" saying. Email is NOT, and SHOULD NOT go away. This is just like the phone has not gone away, nor chat, nor text, nor blogs, nor wikis, nor status updates, nor....
Rightly so, Alan! Nor postal mail, fax machines, AM/FM radio, IRC, dial-up (still my fallback of choice), typewriters, telegrams, morse code, street cars, horses.. well, the list gets thinner and thinner. I say let's rather look ahead and PUSH vendors the meet our (new, connected) needs.
The issue comes in defining "meeting our needs".  Not everyone (customers, press, analysts, vendors, etc) has the same beliefs in what is best.
+Alan Lepofsky We ran an internal survey on communication preferences for conveying different contextual information. Not surprisingly people preferred email for business critical information, urgent requests and important official announcements.

The real irony is most people visit social platforms primarily because they get email notifications on activity and mentions.
+Amrith Das Your data confirms a simple and important reality. That the social platforms are ideal for sharing business critical information as long as they do a good job of conveying that information by email.

The only problem with email is when it becomes the repository for any meaningful business information. Then we get caught up in trying to turn email into a KM or collaboration system, when it should just hold notification of something that happened somewhere else. 
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