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A private and integrated offering composed of Google Dashboard (iGoogle + Google+'s stream), Google People (Google+'s profile + a nice directory + Circles for groups), a combined version of Google Apps (email, calendar, doc, spreadsheet, presentation) and Google Sites (where circles provide access), Google Media (Video + Picassa) and Google Communications (chat + Hangouts) all wrapped with Google Search, Google Analytics and +1s would be an awesome enterprise collaboration platform.

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It's called Google Apps. :)
Google apps is not even remotely what I'm talking about. Google Apps (today) is merely web based versions of office productivity editors with a 1980 file manager UI listing the pages that have been created.
It is surprising that Google's army of PhDs haven't come up with integrated offerings. Another interesting opportunity is/would have been a social media dashboard combining search, Google Analytics and iGoogle.
Couldn't agree more.. But unfortunately they are a total disaster when it comes to the enterprise. If it doesn't generate advertising revenue they seem lost. It's funny because they know what the enterprise needs, but they try to force fit for Internet.

So the million dollar question is... Will Google+ go the way of Google Wave... Great enterprise soln that doesn't quite fit in Internet.

As an aside, I just saw a post from an ex-Googler entitled something like... I joined a company that innovates and left an advertising company. Kinda interesting in light of this conversation.
I think of it Google as a kid with a huge box of Lego, but unsure of how to put them together to build something awesome. That said, Google+ is doing great at spreading it's DNA through all the other tools.
I don't think google wave was a great enterprise solution at all. If it was, it would have been introduced as part of Google Sites or Google Apps, not Gmail.
I think Wave provided more insights into the nature of Google (that many don't understand). It was a product in search of problem. Geeks thought, "this is cool", but it didn't directly solve an obvious problem. The reality is that much of the technology and lessons learned from wave got integrated into the real-time collaboration within Google Docs. (, which does provide some game changing abilities in terms of real-time collaboration.

With Google, I'm constantly reminded of my Lotus Notes days, where we had "Super Human Software", but I feel like it's been toned down to the level that executives can use it; and they can use it outside the firewall without the need for an IT department.
Looks nice... gosh it would make life easy for people having the same experience inside and outside the enterprise.
Yes it would. Everyone talks about Facebook for the Enterprise, yet Facebook has never built Facebook for the Enterprise! Why? Because it's not worth it to them. Facebook and Google make their money from advertising, not from the software.
Yep ... but as companies try to monetize social media and as it becomes clearer that you cannot do this by ignoring the enterprise data, maybe it might become more attractive? But I agree its hard to compete with the advertising dollars.
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