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Informative post by IBM's +Luis Benitez about IBM Connections and OpenSocial applications, including a demo from IBM Partner

It may surprise you, but I'm actually NOT a huge fan of integrating updates and events from multiple systems into a single stream.  I actually prefer "silos" as I believe they provide far more context (and focus) then aggregating together information from multiple applications. Yes, I know all about "enabling a larger audience to discover and benefit from the information" vs. it being locked away in a core business system, I just don't think the reality meets the hype. I think the answer lies in the middle, where people can work in the tool of their choice, but the updates and information are accesible in both locations.  The demo video in the post appears to do a good job of this.  
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Alan, do you know when this appdev throwdown is?  Not seeing a day/time. When are you getting to Orlando?  
AD407 : Qualifying Round for App Dev Throwdown - Part 1, Mon, 28/Jan 02:15 PM - 03:15 PM
AD408 : Qualifying Round for App Dev Throwdown - Part 2, Mon, 28/Jan 03:45 PM - 04:45 PM

Then Keynote: Making Work More Like a Game and AppDev Throwdown, Wed, 30/Jan 08:15 AM - 09:15 AM
You're welcome. See you there. (I get in on Saturday)
Sorry Ellen, thanks for the correction.
No worries - thanks for the cross-link. Appreciate You motivated me to make an AppFusions page, even if weak so far. Prob can't ignore the Google+ rage anymore.. ;) - I haven't been active on here much with everything else - alas. Best get at it.. ;)
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