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No offense to +Luis Suarez 's efforts over the previous few years, but I think this is the most balanced explanation of his vision that I've read. Great job Luis, this is something I feel comfortable pointing people to.

(via +Andy Piper )
I've lived in a world without e-mail for four years. I'm fine. But there are still strong reasons to keep it in the workplace. By Luis Suarez.
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Very nicely done. I've been following Luis' story for awhile. It seemed so reactionary in 2008, but now, I think we're beginning to see the fruits.

BTW, the production value of the video is great and it's clear that +Luis Suarez is keeping on the move (he looks great).
I'm glad to see that Luis now sees there is a place for email. It's very easy to stop using email if you're in a bubble like IBM. But if you're a small business (the majority of business in the world), dealting with customer, re negotiating a deal etc. then you don't want to be doing that in some public social network, and creating a new soicial space for every interaction isn't efficient. Email isn't perfect, but for somethings, there still isn't a decent replacement.
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