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I've been looking into crossover vehicles.  My research so far has turned up the following lists. Thoughts?

~$30K-$40K range:
Chevrolet Equinox
Ford Escape or Edge
Honda CR-V
Hyundai Sante Fe or Tucon
Kia Sportage
Mazda CX-5
Nissan Murano or Rouge
Subaru Crosstrek or Outback
Toyota RAV4
VW Tiguan     

Accura RDX
Audi A3 
Buick Enclave
Infinity EX35
Lexus RX350
Lincoln MKX
Volvo XC60
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I was driving the Volvo XC60 T5 for a few days last week and was positively surprised by how comfortable and easy it was to drive both in the city as well as the German autobahns. BMW X1 was somewhat disappointing compared to how the ride is on the traditional 1 & 3 series models. Maybe I was just expecting too much from it, having also experienced the luxury of X5 on my previous visit to Germany...
We've got a 2005 Equinox. Solid, reliable and comfortable, no maintenance problems, but uninspiring. Very large turning radius (i.e. hard to park). You can't go too wrong with a Subaru: I abandoned them only for price.
Thank you +Jukka Niiranen. The X5 is certainly nice, but it starts at $62K CAD before any options, taxes, etc. so end up costing around $80K.

+David Schaffer The 2013 Equinox looks quite nice, and you can get a V6. I'm surprised, all dressed up it gets into the mid $40s. I didn't realize they were that expensive.
Sorry? What is a "crossover" vehicle? Must be an American term us Brits don't understand.
+Dragon Cotterill a 'crossover' vehicle is a car that has traits of an SUV and a sedan. They are not nearly as large as an SUV but typically have beefed up suspensions, higher ground clearances, sometimes all wheel drive or front wheel drive, among other features. Visit a car site and look at the visual profile of those models listed cs typical cars and you'll quickly see the styling similarities
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