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Between the idea And the reality Between the motion And the act Falls the Shadow [...] This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimpe
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Viewpoint: The waste mountain of coffee cups -
Every day hundreds of thousands of Britons put their coffee cup into a recycling bin. They're wrong - those cups aren't recyclable.
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Nack uk
I don't know and hence your reusable cups.
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Anyone that bikes dreams of riding a Tron Light Cycle. Revolights, a set of wheel-mounted LEDs, now makes that dream a little closer to reality. AUTO ON/OFF. Your lights automatically turn on when you need them to - like when you're about to start a ride or when it gets dark. TURN SIGNALS.
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I well thought I had this, but the tickets beat me. This was an attacking game, but we still managed over a ton.
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I don't know how to tell you this, but our country seems to have exploded.
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Have him in circles
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On 17 July 2016, singer and choral arranger Fred Tomlinson, the founder and leader of the Fred Tomlinson Singers, who provided vocals for “Monty Python’s Flying Circus,” passed away. His funeral will be held today, 3 August 2016.
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I go to work in my dad’s car, and then after another pain in thearse day head home, that is to my parents home. It looks like I may move back in the amount of times I’m back there. Wow my mom’s loopin seeds have started to g...
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Revealed: the strange link between Michael Bay's The Rock and the Chilcot enquiry into the Iraq war...
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+Alan Jones Put on you kimono and start warming the sake
Let me be perfectly clear; this is an 8-minute behind-the-scenes featurette of the oh-my-god-I-can’t-believe-it’s-finally-happening season five of Samurai Jack. It includes no new footage, very little info, and only the briefest glimpses of what may be in store. Here’s why you should watch it anyway.
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Ghostbusters comics! This doesn't usually happen...

So the new Ghostbusters movie is out now and all the fuss seems to have died down. You (I'm sure) will have noticed the furore surrounding t

Lee Carl is fundraising for The Christie

Lee is raising money to help The Christie

Bedknobs and Broomsticks – Movies on Google Play

Hold on tight for a magical, musical, fun-filled journey! When young Charlie, Carrie and Paul move to a small village during World War II, t

Xenophobic Postcards

In 1972 the University of Scarfolk trialled a new drug that affects the part of the brain that produces racist attitudes. Researchers observ

Donnington disappointment

From the description, Donnington Brewery, which I wrote about here, sounds close to perfection – occupying unspoilt rural premises in a pict


Its been a while since I have posted due to being busy doing things and then being tired from doing things. So I doubt I will catch up on th

Pandyland » Light Of My Life

Not sure that I made this comic easy to understand, but I tried! Email me if you're not sure and I will tell you what's going on!!!!!!!!!!!!

Forget What Did: The A, of course, stands for 'avoid thinking of envelop...

Like everyone else, I used to confuse the words 'stationery', meaning materials to do with writing; and 'stationary', meaning not in motion.

Competitive Spirit

Yesterday was a day for unleashing my competitive spirit. In the morning I was recording this... A photo posted by Dave Gorman (@davegormani

More fascinating pictures of the lost Leaf Street Baths.

Just when you think that is the end of a story up pops something new. And just about an hour ago Andy Robertson sent over some fine pictures

Presidential Comics!

So the US presidential campaign has been in full swing for AGES now and shows no sign of stopping even though the actual voting day is still

Live and Let Live

A few years ago, a guy who was a long-standing inactive member of CAMRA decided to put his toe in the water and come along on one of our reg

My Soul Departs

I wake up in the back room and enjoy the view of opening the curtains. I ponder why I’d decided to head out so early, and then realiseds its

Older men still feel unwelcome in pubs

The Publican’s Morning Advertiser reports that older male customers visiting pubs, bars, cafes and restaurants still experience “covert or o

One of One As In One

So when your at home, lefargic and not well there is something really nice that can happen. Something that comes through the letter box, som

Edward Street Mill - Windmill Excavation

This morning a viewing of the recently unearthed remains of the Edward Street windmill took place, arranged by Paul Hartley of Stockport Cou

So, Farewell then, David Bowie

David Bowie. Singer. Songwriter. Actor. Cultural icon. Comics reader. Everyone on the planet (it seems) is paying their tribute to the man.

Something about that Space Wars thing everyone's talking about

It could hardly have escaped your notice (you *are* a person reading a comics blog) that there is a new Star Wars movie out this week. I wan

The Widest Bridge in the Country?

Does Stockport have the widest bridge in the country or maybe even the world. In 1940 the new Merseyway Bridge was opened. It was a road tha

Good real ale
Public - in the last week
reviewed in the last week
Fantastic gourmet food at a wholly reasonable price in a fantastic setting
Public - in the last week
reviewed in the last week