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Alan Jones (deadmanjones)

What I'm Drinking  - 
Jack of Clubs Ruby Ale by Wild Card Brewery. Wins award for most beautiful label at any rate.
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What The Hell Happened Here?!
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Harry Littlewood recognised the lav uncovered by work at £45m Redrock site and plans to use it as a planter
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Alan Jones (deadmanjones)

What I'm Drinking  - 
Stewart Brewing Radical Road Triple Hopped Pale Ale 6.4%. It wants to escape.
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Don't be like Bill
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My brain itch today is Prettiest Star. I'm pretty sure I've not actually heard it played today for it to get lodged in there for that reason; it just fits the day. Lyrically and emotively.

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Have him in circles
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So is just a data cable, like you could get just a power cable? Or will it only work with devices it can talk with, i.e. a computer or a type c power supply.
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More on my local cinema, the Savoy, Heaton Moor
A mother and two sons have rescued three small cinemas. What drives this family passion for film?
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I know what we all though at first, but the word is "Giant".

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One of One As In One

So when your at home, lefargic and not well there is something really nice that can happen. Something that comes through the letter box, som

Edward Street Mill - Windmill Excavation

This morning a viewing of the recently unearthed remains of the Edward Street windmill took place, arranged by Paul Hartley of Stockport Cou

So, Farewell then, David Bowie

David Bowie. Singer. Songwriter. Actor. Cultural icon. Comics reader. Everyone on the planet (it seems) is paying their tribute to the man.

Something about that Space Wars thing everyone's talking about

It could hardly have escaped your notice (you *are* a person reading a comics blog) that there is a new Star Wars movie out this week. I wan

The Widest Bridge in the Country?

Does Stockport have the widest bridge in the country or maybe even the world. In 1940 the new Merseyway Bridge was opened. It was a road tha

You're the Tops.

Here's a little something for Guy Fawke's Night. Issue 5 of Tops, dated 7 November 1981. Tops was DC Thomson's answer to Look In! if the que

Superman and Batman. Who's better? Let's find out!

For decades, fans have argued who is the better superhero, Superman or Batman. It recently occurred to me that the best way to determine thi

Together in Electric Dreams - award-nominated and back on stage soon at ...

Sir Clive Sinclair (Daniel Thackeray) and Alan Sugar (Matthew O'Neill) - their struggle for computing supremacy immortalised in this photo b

Pandyland » Tintin and the Brown Mystery

I did this comic today and in a few weeks I'll put another Skip Tobey episode up and maybe other stuff if I think of anything. Thank you for

The Next Last Starfighter - Scenes From A Multiverse

Welcome back to 80’s Sci-Fi Cinema Week! Have you seen the 1985 sci-fi shmup movie The Last Starfighter, starring Robert Preston and Lance G

Two things every episode of Sapphire & Steel should have had...

A proper logo and a story title in its title sequence.... Thank you.

Nigel Kneale and the Chocolate Factory

It isn't well-known that the Quatermass author Nigel Kneale owned a huge chocolate factory on the Isle of Man. From there he created magical

Success for Together in Electric Dreams!

Scytheplays are pleased to report that the new tour of Together in Electric Dreams has proved very successful so far, with several near-sell

The Comics Adventures of The Avengers (not those ones)

One thing I love almost as much as comics is old sci-fi/fantasy telly. And if someone asks me what my favourite TV show is I usually say The

A poem!

Not written by us... Often seen on sea side trinkets from Blackpool or Skeggy, we like it!

Please Stand By

Access Error. PA system failure has occured. Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed f

The Devils Arse

Alan as ever gets me up, my batteries needed recharging and his let them. Thankgod we didn’t go clubbing after all, I would have probably be

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This a motel, more basic in room size than most premier inns and with no sound insulation between your bed and the corridor. It's not got the best access routes for those on foot, but overall its comfortable with the usual great premier inn service and room amenities.
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Shared a free pints here in Christmas day; a great traditional, welcoming pub.
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203 reviews
Bought and renovated by Blackjack brewery in 2015, this now serves as it's tap house. Comfortably furnished with a mish mash of retro furniture, it has a wide variety of cask, keg and bottles alongside bar snacks and pub games.
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