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I think, therefore I ROCK YOUR FACE!
I think, therefore I ROCK YOUR FACE!

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I've reached the point with my degree where I feel I've made a horrible mistake. I started out with the plan of studying Computer Science, however I wanted to know how the hardware worked so I wouldn't be at a loss should I want to optimize a system for whatever high level algorithms I'm working on. On the advice of an adviser I chose the Computer Engineering Program, under the pretense that it was Computer Science with an emphasis on hardware.
Computer Engineering is a program about digital electronics, essentially what Computer Science was in the 80's. This wouldn't be so bad except for the "Engineer" title that comes with it, which includes the requirement for state licensing, a full understanding of Electrical Engineering and partial understanding of Mechanical Engineering.
At 34 credits from graduating, I find myself assaulted by engineering problems when I'd rather face programming problems.  Where I'm taking thermodynamics I actually want to learn about AI. Where I'm learning mechanical engineering I'd rather learn about encryption algorithms. I've worked through chemistry, physics and electronics to this point just so I can flunk out over my inability to understand complex free-body diagrams. (I'm not actually flunking out, but I don't see myself passing this required course)
Oh, and that "Computer Science" that this degree was supposed to be focusing on only goes as far as low level operating systems, assembly, and databases.
So here I am, working hard but tempted to drop out to try and find a job in IT while working on projects of interest off my own budget.

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"the odd thing is that even tho it was a bit of a CF, I felt safer dealing with a self-driving car than a human-operated one."

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While it isn't an original idea from Microsoft, it is a clever one. I think the next step is to design the hardware to automatically compress data as it travels to and from memory. Such a feature could potentially double the practical size of memory.

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Progress on a modular pi blade center. The chassis will join together on the long edge and lock together allowing you to add as many new blades as you want. Struggling with tolerances right now, but very close.
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Saying a product is better because it's open source or built for linux IS NOT a feature, it's a defining quality. Kinda like saying ice cream comes from milk... no one gives a shit and it has nothing to do with why it's tasty.
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I feel like I'm stuck in this cruel purgatory between the digital and analog land. I want to draw by hand, but I want to store it securely, and the technology to do both is just beyond my grasp.

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This is excellent.

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The Terminator (1984), Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991) Terminator: Genesis (2015)

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I'm going to say that #TerminatorGenisys was AWESOME. No it's not a reboot, and if you haven't seen the second or third trailer for the film you're better off because only the marketing team thought it was a good idea... and it wasn't.
The frequent callbacks to #Terminator 1 and 2 were great, and the "no-bullshit" attitude of Arnolds Terminator was spot-on. One assumption is left open that the learning chip was switched to read/write (as it was in T2 when the machine started making jokes), but it's a believable assumption.
New T-1000 is also just as badass as the one from T2, even more so with it constantly using its abilities whenever effective, rather than when the plot demands it.
Even with the spoilers in the trailer, the film managed to bring out a few surprises and to poke fun at societies use of technology and its growth as had happened in T2, and once again we face another story that makes predictions on the growth of artificial intelligence once it's achieved and the ways it can infiltrate and dominate our lives. There were also hints that a sequel to this story could be made, and I only hope the film gets enough viewers that it gets produced as it should be.
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