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Like many LH articles of mine, this one was a labor of love for me, and something I'm personally interested in. Bonus brownie points for anyone who recognizes this without having to Google it (although I don't mind if you do:) "We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers." I've always wanted to be one too!
Great DIY projects are often easy to do at home, but many require tools and space that you may not have. Just because you don't have a basement workshop doesn't mean you don't get to scratch your DIY ...
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Wow, I had no idea these places even existed. I've always loved the idea of DIY but never had the materials, support or courage to dive into projects. Might be time to change that!
Ok, going with longshots here, i say Toys, wife says Willy Wonka. Off to googles! #keepinitreal

WOW. Definitely not. Haven't watched that. We really want to though.

It'll go on the list with:
The Wire
Twin Peaks
The League
Arrested Development
Sports Night
Mad Men
Breaking Bad
the list goes on...
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