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Okay folks, share your opinions with me! What application do you use to pull photos from your camera or SD card and organize them before you post them to the web? Any OS is fine!
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Call me old fashioned but I just use Finder on OS X, copy them to my desktop and then browse/organize/clean up through Aperture
Since I organize by 'taken date' I find that there are a lot of programs I can use. In particular I have one that will organize the pictures on disk as well as import from SD, it's called Zoner Photo Studio. Not super pretty, but gets the job done.
When I'm using my phone's camera, I use Google Plus autoupload, then Picasa Web Albums to organize. With my DSLR, I use the Picasa application to do both.
I was using the Dropbox camera import tool but it got confused and I ended up losing some photos. I've gone back to simple cut and paste.
I prefer Lightroom it work on both windows and mac for Ubuntu i use the default called shotwall I think
Definitely Lightroom for me.
I used DigiKam on openSuSE. Can upload them to Picasa (or Flickr or others). Lately I just get the SDCard in the laptop, copy the files and use Gwenview to upload them to the web.
I pull them down the RAW files in Lightroom, catalog, and then create .jpgs. I then use Photomatics to create my HDR photoes, and then finish up by using Windows Live to push all the jpgs to Flickr.
OSX, Lightroom. Lightroom is very nice if you are advanced, otherwise, go with iPhoto, Picasa or any other free basic photo-management tool :-)
I do a Lightroom/Picasa mix. Lightroom to edit, then I export them to Picasa so they're always synced in the cloud...this means I always have one JPEG folder and one Raw folder. Takes up a bunch of space, but it's the way I've found to keep my photos always backed up and with me, without losing the original RAW files.
Lightbox for instant sharing and Dropbox auto-uploading for archival.
Lightroom for processing, organization and posting. Picasa for facial ID and some posting.
Hmm...Seeing a lot of Lightroom users...makes me want to test with Picasa
Wow - a lot of awesome suggestions already! Thanks everyone. Agreed - looks like a lot of Lightroom users, I'll have to give it a try!
Picasa does the job. For import, organise and web upload.
We've been using Picasa for a while, but with a 'real' camera I think we need Lightroom now.
Windows (local) --> iPiccy (minor edits) --> Flickr (web)
Picasa handles pretty much everything - it doesn't seem to like to deal with AVHD (or was it MP4) videos from the Sony NEX series, but its great for images.
"copy", usually into a pre-setup folder for whatever occasion
OS X copy originals into pre-setup folder as RAW, import into iPhoto and share whatever on Facebook.
Windows Live Photo Gallery works for me
I open the DCIM folder for my phone and do it manually. :)
Lightroom for all my "pro" work, Picasa for everything else.
Finder on Mac. Windows Explorer on Windows. But I'm not a pro photographer (and may have misunderstood the question). The photos are saved in folders based on yyyy_mm_dd for the pull from the camera. If I have procrastinated in pulling, I will make sub-folders with descriptive names. I've tried photo org apps and they don't seem to save much time for me.
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