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Writing this was really instructive for me--I've been thinking about getting a FitBit because I desperately need a little help and motivation in my own quest to get up from the keyboard now and again and get out for a walk or on the exercise bike. There are some other great options here, but I'm leaning in that direction. Anyone have any other opinions?
Looking to get in shape? These gadgets will track your activity, fitness, and even diet to help you get a head start:
If you're thinking about heading outside or to the gym to get some exercise now that the weather is turning warm, you may benefit from an appliance you can wear on your wrist or in your pocket that ke...
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If think your talking about the jawbone up.
I got a fitbit and a Withing body scale. I really like both. They sync with Runkeeper and let me track my stuff. I sometimes go on MyFitnessPal to track my food.. and sync it to fitbit which sync it to runkeeper too.

Runkeeper and the Pebble Watch also signed a partner ship and the pebble watch will have a runkeeper support at launch. I supported the watch on Kickstarter.. so I should have that too.

If you have any question, feel free to ask.
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