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Wait, let me get this straight: Microsoft is going to charge me a C note the next time I buy a computer to remove the crapware if I want them to? I know it's ZDNet, but there's got to be more to this story. How many of you just wipe a new computer and reinstall the OS as soon as you get it?
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IMPORTANT - they charge you to get a computer WITHOUT the crapware. if you put in a little effort, you can still do it yourself.
but you really need to make sure they gave you the OS disc, some retailers forget to include them in the package.
most big companies only give you a recovery partition and make you burn your own discs.
Yeah.. this justifies my TechNet subscription. I get licenses to everything. Wipe, install, done.

Also, what Microsoft is charging for is a service they offer in their store. PC makers make plenty of money by loading crapware onto their computers, and then build in a license agreement that won't allow a retailer to alter the PC in any way to sell it. In a sense, what Microsoft is doing is breaking that agreement. I am completely okay with it. If someone wants to pay their premium, I am fine with that too.

Besides, 99 bucks to get a decrapified PC out of the box beats the hell out of the Apple tax. /wink
+Brian Gatley Very true, but it's not that hard to remove crapware yourself. You just need to know where to look
I have a mac now, but when I used to have pc I just went and uninstalled the stuff I didn't want. I didn't reinstall the whole OS.
if your computer dont come with a win7 key, "other" options are more reliable.
The pirates never worry about that.
Recent HP recovery lets you reinstall windows without all the crap for free
The only crapware on my Linux systems is stuff I put there to check out and forgot to uninstall.

But then again the last desktop I bought was a 286. I'd rather build it myself Laptops - i just switch out the drive in case there is a problem and you return it. 
The fact windows is prepacked on any computer is a nuisance.
The first thing I do with every new computer I get my hands on is uninstall all non stock software. Companies pay big bucks to get their trial software onto your system.
I also use my White Canyon wipe Drive and re-install my own OS
I have encountered laptops that wont let you install crap from burned discs. Took that crap back the next day.
I remove the crapware myself when I get a new computer, it's easy. I just get my Linux install DVD and make sure I check "Use entire disk".
Yep, and there are people who take their computer to a shop when it gets a virus.
By crapware they mean windows itself right.. Hell I'd pay them $150 to remove that crap..
I remove windows and install Linux. The problem for my all laptops come pre installed with windows.
Give me your laptop, I will do it for half the prize! :)
Use Zorin Linux. It's 100 % free. It has the exact same feel and look as windows only its not slow and shit. Problem solves
I use Ubuntu and I like it. I don't wish to use something that look like a Microsoft product.
I just do it myself. Hopefully they won't lock it down like cell phone carriers do.
None of the 60 iMacs I bought for work came with a single iota of OEM "stuff", no papers, no DVD's, nothing installed... it was like a breath of fresh air.
I always wipe a PC. Then install Linux. Don't you all get tired of the hoops that MS makes you jump through? Over and over and over?
+Chris Anderson I never get tired of seeing how Microsoft ruins peoples days over and over again. It's as if they are gluttons for punishment. They never learn, and they do the same thing over and over again, so perhaps Microsoft is more of a psychosis than anything else. ;)
The last time I bought a Windows PC, it came with an empty hard disk and a shrink-wrapped Windows 7 Ultimate, just as I ordered it. So maybe you should consider that you get what you ask for and are willing to pay for? If you choose to get it as cheap as possible, the dealer will help you by collecting every possible bonus he can get from installing crapware. Don't blame Microsoft for something that is between you and your computer dealer, I'm pretty sure they prefer to sell clean, out-of-the box Software instead of letting "system builders" mess up the user experience by unwanted additions, but that's what the market demands. And if Microsoft now helps you by giving you an easy way to reverse that decision to go the cheap, crapware loaded way, that nothing to complain about - and remember, those cheap machines usually don't come with a Windows installation DVD so there might be no easy & legal way to clean it on your own.
The last couple of computers I bought I wiped and installed linux. Will continue to do the same in the future. No c note from me!!!
My last PC came in 6 or 7 boxes from tiger direct. Putting it together was more fun than a guy should have, especially when I unwrapped my brand new, empty, 1 TB hard drive. Putting win 7 on it, not so much fun, but surprising painless. I did miss out on deleting all those outdated trial versions of software I never wanted or needed.
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