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So my beloved Wunderkit is closing, and now I need to find a new service to replace it. But that's not what I'm posting about!

I'm curious: when a service you love shuts down and says "here's your data, have a great life," how do you find a replacement with similar features? Ask around? Do some sharp googling? What are your go-to tricks?
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the thing with Wunderkit is it was free
really I tried asana and I hate it  but to each there own i know alot of people who love it
Weird. I could never 'hate' a piece of software but, as you say' each to their own!
I started using Nirvana instead of RTM a month or so ago and love it!
I've been using You pay a fee - I think $99/yr. But it's the best I've found for to do list and sharing.

The biggest downside is:

- No Android
- No Tablet (iPad)

They have web access from tablets but it's not the same as native in my book.
For project management I've been using Basecamp whose new UI (of a few months back) is growing on me and I like that it's easy to share with multiple people without extra fees (they measure based on # of projects).

Also this looks like only Wunderkit is closing and Wunderlist remains.
I tried asana and trello at the same time about eight months ago. trello won out for me. best for my purposes for to do lists and collaboration/cooperation.
Tried several to do apps and Wonderlist won out with me. Glad the team is putting all their focus on WL. Sorry to for you +Alan Henry
As old as is, it's still a great resource to be mined.

I'd do a search for tags like social+"project management"+"task list".
Has anybody tried Toodledo just wondering I am trying out wunderlist right now , but it seems to be missing something . looking into trello , but what I really want is something that will sync with google calander and outllook on a mac
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