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Ah, one of my favorite topics is back in the limelight. The physics community is abuzz with new rumors that researchers may have caught sight of the Higgs Boson, and that an announcement may be mere weeks away. I love cutting-edge science like this, it's remarkably exciting - still, we've heard it before, so I'll take the rumors with a grain of salt.

Some pretty heavy physics in this link (and superb discussion in the comments), if you dare!
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Ahh, the glories and pitfalls associated with this new speedy transfer of news and information. The coolest/most important things can blow up the ether, but followups are destined to wander the knot-like labyrinth lying in wait behind the metric shit ton of silly kittens and hardcore dickin'.

C'est la vie.

tl;dr Cats & Dongs, in tandem, control the knowledge to the mysteries of the universe.
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