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This is incredible news - those rockets had been lost for well over 40 years. Here's to Jeff Bezos - if buying a Kindle will make you keep doing things like this, I'll order one now.
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It seems like the laws of salvage are such that Bezos could legally take the engines and decorate his house with them, but the public would not like it at all and he would seem like a jerk (especially since Blue Origin is currently receiving money from NASA). Or a more secretive billionaire space fan with undersea capabilities could swoop in and take some and not tell anyone, but the community of people with skills who can recover the engines is probably very small and word would leak out.

But perhaps one of the engines will accidentally be lost in transit, or a future visitor to the remains of a different Apollo launch vehicle will not find all the engines... not that anyone would take them for purely private use, but it would be an entertaining story.

Someone commenting on the same story in a different g+ post suggested going to the Moon and bringing back Apollo artifacts, which seems like a horrible idea- they should stay on the Moon as is, and future human or robotic visitors should go nowhere near disturbing the footprints.
It is not a day goes by I keep thinking that Jeff Bezos is some kind of Lex Luthor. This firmly goes into the camp of supporting that thought. Not that would stop me from using his services.

On a more serious note, if he does salvage the engines, then that's great. Better than letting it disintegrate at the bottom of the ocean. Of course, the better thing to do would be to donate it to the Smithsonian once he's brought it up. Unless he does the Lex Luthor thing and uses the engines for some ingeniously nefarious plans.
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