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FFTF in the US reports on the TPP Mr Harper signed us up for

Last week, WikiLeaks released the final text of the TPP’s intellectual property rights chapter and it is absolutely terrifying.

These are just a few of its most dangerous pieces:
    Compel ISPs to take down websites without any sort of court order, just like SOPA. (Appendix Section I)
    Extend the US’s copyright regime to require copyrights stand for life plus 70 years, preventing anyone from using works that belong in the public domain. (Article QQ.G.6)
    Criminalize whistleblowing by extending trade secrets laws without any mandatory exemptions for whistleblowers or investigative journalists. (QQ.H.8)
    End anonymity online by forcing every domain name to be associated with a real name and address. (Article QQ.C.12)
    Make it illegal to unlock, modify, or generally tinker with a device you own. (Article QQ.G.10)
    Export the US’s broken copyright policies to the rest of the world without expanding any of the free speech protections, like fair use. (Article QQ.G.17)

The worst part is that this is just one of the TPP’s 30 chapters.

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If Life Ever Gives You Lemons

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Amazon Prime?  So they are only going to be available to a fraction of their audience?  I was actually excited about the Netflix rumors, too bad that all they were...

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Ignorance is NOT Bliss...

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Pass this on to everyone you know: a crowdsourced privacy plan:
Get A Warrant
End Mass Surveillance
Embrace Accountability

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Very cool little device!  Take a look at this review.

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The press conference for the announcement of the Closing of Ontario place was a joke. John Tory, the person put in charge of this project, wasn't even there. The two who were making the announcement, Dwight Duncan and Michael Chan, couldn't answer a question directly (typical politicians).

Michael Chan kept pointing out; when asked to comment about what family related things would remain open, that the parking lot would not close. So bring your family for a fun filled day in the parking lot!!! The Molson Amphitheater, Atlantis (the night club) and the Parking lot are to remain open... i.e. nothing 'Family oriented'. In true Canada / Ontario / Toronto form, they are closing the Cinesphere, a part of Canadian technology history (much like the Planetarium a number of years ago).

They keep pointing out that the park is costing $20 Million a year to keep open, that sound like miss management to me.

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So true...
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