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I never thought I'd be disappointed BIG TIME with Google, but this is really poor, poor, poor service.

Ordered the Nexus 4 during the fresh batch of stock sometime last week 4th December, Tuesday at 5pm (, and was given a confirmation of delivery within 1 to 2 weeks at 5:03 pm that day. Okay, fair enough, but was a bit peeved off at having to pay for a £10 delivery that will take longer than 3rd class. That was messed up.

Other people on forums were still able to order at 5:30 pm so it looks like things are moving, albeit for them it states delivery will be 4-5 weeks.

On 7th December, Friday, got confirmation plus photos of people who received their Nexus 4's. Okay cool. Things seem to be moving forward.

Then I found out that these guys ordered at 9pm on the very same day?!?! On top of that, these are the very same guys who were told by Google on their order sheets that they had to wait 4-5 weeks to get theirs!

Oh but that's not why I'm annoyed. I'm annoyed because GOOGLE just changed my order from 1-2 weeks to PRE-ORDER. Yes, that was a vein in my neck making a popping sound.

Way to go Google. Excellent work. The Nexus 4 looks like a fantastic device, but not worth this amount of trouble. I'm getting myself a Galaxy S3 or Note 2 which was what I initially wanted anyway.

Sent an email to them and let's see what their response is.

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I can understand your frustration. For some absolutely unknown reason I ordered when the delivery was stated as 4-5 weeks but 4 days later I had a Nexus 4. When I went to the play store 2 days ago I found I still had one in my basket so no idea what Google are doing! All I can say is that it is an awesome device, good luck in getting one very soon
It is a fantastic tool,I find myself using it more and more
Same here. I've just noticed that I'm on back order too after having a 1-2 week shipment time. I'll be calling them tomorrow!!!
just called them and mailed them... it looks like According to our records, your order should ship by the evening of 19-12-2012.
Yup, same here. Looks like it's a spiel by them. +Gaetan Fryer is it now on backorder for you as well?
Doesn't look like it and the lad I spoke to mentioned I would get some sort of deal if this was not happening within the given time frame. I live in hope and remind myself it's a #firstworldproblem. :-) 
Ahaha oh man, thanks for putting it in perspective. :)
It looks like I am also stuck in the pre order modem with one in the cart WTF
Got my ship confirmation today, for an order on the 27th of NOV
I placed my order on 3rd Dec. and my status changed to PRE-ORDER today. I feel like I want to cancel my order and get S3 or Note 2.
Dude now the phone is a piece of shit . You spentb500. On a piece of shit
I ordered mine back on the 27th of Nov and that's total BS that others have already received their nexus, when ordered in December.
I'm in exactly the same situation - ordered on 4th December just after 5 and got 1 - 2 week estimate.  Yesterday the status changed from Pending to Pre-Ordered.  Yet other people who ordered with 4 - 5 week estimates had them delivered within a couple of days!!!!
I guess Google still have til next Tuesday to deliver but I'm not holding my breath.......
I've read on some forums that it isn't Google who are conducting the deliveries but Parcelforce were the ones who made decisions that pretty much made this entire thing a major f*ck up. I wouldn't be surprised about this, having worked for Carphone Warehouse before, there were times especially during holiday season where Parcelforce would mess up big time!

I just hope that Google realizes this and that they are aware that their reputation is at stake here.

I too am seriously considering the Note II or even the SGS3.
I ordered on 4th just like you in the UK, but I was quoted a 3-5 business days time (Was quite excited that i will get it so soon) but it hasn't arrived yet. So, I wrote them a few emails asking why it hasn't arrived in the stated time and they replied back saying it should arrive in the stated time period if not sooner. Now either I learnt some other numeric system or google doesn't understand what 3-5 business days mean. :/ 
After careful thinking, and reflecting back in the past year, I do want a Nexus device.

This 2012 has been filled with me constantly looking at XDA for the latest Android builds. I'm sick of that. I'd rather wait now and have the next year filled with the latest Android.

Hardware is nice, but it's the software that really drives the platform.
The main reason I didn't like android devices is because most of the companies making it introduce a new device every month and within a year they stop giving you updates but its not the case with the Nexus and thats why I want it so bad. Exactly the same thought, the software experience on the nexus is pure android experience which for me is the best among any mobile platform.
I ordered mine on Dev 8 and theynarenbestimating Jan 23 shipping date 
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