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Alan Green

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And it smells, too.
Penrith Landfill
842 Mulgoa Rd, Mulgoa NSW 2745
This place is a bit of a dump!
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Alan Green

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Ooh, this looks nice.
Quick update to the Google+ Cover Photo

Now when someone visits your Google+ profile or page on the desktop, they’ll see your entire cover photo across the top (vs. just a small section). And importantly: there’s still lots of room for your content underneath.

Cover photos remain 16x9 (up to 2120px by 1192px), so no action is required to enjoy the new experience. The update is rolling out today, so give it a look, and let us know what you think.

P.S: The image behind your profile name is actually a “blurred” version of your cover photo. Check out the examples attached, then explore the possibilities!

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Alan Green

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"The Galaxy Guides Us Home" I think this might be my favorite new AstroPhotograph I have taken. I have been trying to achieve this shot for a long time now. The hardest part of the process, was finding a road that not only was in area of complete and total darkness, but a road where I could take a panorama and not be bothered by car headlights. It was also a challenge to find a road pointing in the perfect direction to be completely symmetrica...
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Alan Green

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Shortest flight you can by a regular ticket for.The route is between two islands in Scotland. Scheduled time is 2 minutes, but the record is 53 seconds, according to 
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Awesome!  For those who are curious, if I read right, fares are 17 GBP one-way or 21 GBP (36 AUD) return.
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Alan Green

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I think I'll have to try these. Mmm. 
Oreo Ice Cream Sandwiches. Okay, I almost feel silly posting this. It's sooo so easy, but it makes me way happy when I bite into one that I can't resist. It's the simple things sometimes you know. I was at Bruster's the other day getting some ice cream and this poster was staring me back in the ...
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I'm inspired. :-)
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Alan Green

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Follow the Voice and comment on for a chance to hang out with the four Voice finalists.
The Voice Of Australia
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Alan Green

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"I would like to write that the skill, bravery and superb handling of this emergency by the pilots resulted in saving lives. This was not the case. It was our mistakes that did."

A story with a happy ending. Great insight into the effects of stress and high workload. Completely irrelevant in the day to day life of most computer programmers :)
EASTERN AIRLINES FLIGHT 855 - MAY 5, 1983. By Steve Thompson Eastern Airlines, Retired. Captain Dick Boddy, Second Officer Dudley Barnes and I, along with 7 Flight Attendants checked in for what we expected to be a routine flight from Miami to Nassau, returning and continuing on to Los Angeles.
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sam mas
My dad was a pilot.Thanks for sharing the story.
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Alan Green

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I like this too.
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Is it wrong for me to admit I backed this on Kickstarter?
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Alan Green

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How do you fit two train carriages in a building? With a crane...
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way cool. Are they accessible to the public or do you have to visit a google employee?
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Alan Green

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"Sorry, this patch is incompatible with your current system. Please contact technical support for further assistance, or return to factory defaults and try again. Thank you! [Err HM0-33D]"
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Alan Green

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The thunder and the rain, quietly passing by.
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Don't be devil , #SaveReader  
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Alan Green

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I joined about the same time as +Alan Noble so +Rob Pike fills in a bunch of detail for me in this video.
The YouTube recording of our Sydney office Hangout on Air is now up. Engineering Site Director Alan Noble and Distinguished Engineer Rob Pike joined Tech Recruiter Jeff Moore for a lively discussion about Google's history in Sydney and the many teams we now have there.

To learn more about our job opportunities in +Google Australia, please visit:
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为什么要关闭Google reader?
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I'm a software engineer. Currently, I work on Drive, but I have also spent time with Wave (RIP!), Reader (RIP!), Tasks (Still alive!), App Engine (Still alive!) and Plus (which, if you're reading this is still good.)
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Efficient queuing system. Friendly staff. These people are busy, but they sure crank through the work.
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It's all about the food. Book early!
Food: ExcellentDecor: Very GoodService: Excellent
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3 reviews
Our go-to local Indian restaurant. Not overly spicy, but tasty all the same. You won't find better this side of Parramatta.
Food: ExcellentDecor: GoodService: Very Good
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