Congratulations Kevin and all of the outstanding contributors at +Revision3!!
I'm very excited to announce that +Revision3 has been acquired by +Discovery Channel. +Revision3 will continue to crank out great content w/the power of Discovery behind them!

I wanted to publicly thank a few people for making this happen:

+Jay Adelson (co-founder) - Jay believed in Rev3 from day one and was our first investor. Without his funding (allowing me to leave G4) and leadership in the early days Rev3 would have never gotten off the ground.

Dan Huard (co-founder) - Dan co-hosted and launched Rev3's first show w/me, "Systm".

Keith Harrison (co-founder) - Big thanks to Keith for being our first cameraman/editor.

+David Prager (co-founder) - Prager left G4 and joined us as a Co-founder, helping us land our first sponsors and helped Diggnation attract a worldwide audience.

Brad Murphy - Brad is the best ad sales guy I've ever worked with, he's the anchor of Revision3. Brad and team transformed us from a fun hobby to a real business.

+Ryan Vance - Ryan's programming direction helped craft many of the Rev3 shows you love today.

+Alex Albrecht - For being my co-host for all these years :)

+David Sze, +James Slavet - Big thanks to our investors at Greylock for believing in us.

... and of course the entire Rev3 staff and talent for carrying the torch for all these years, even after a few of the co-founders had moved on to other projects, thank you.

Thank you: +Graham Hancock , +Stephanie Chu, +Mauricio Balvanera , Smack, MG, +patrick norton , +Veronica Belmont , +Glenn McElhose , +Alex Albrecht, + and all others I'm forgetting both past and present :)
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