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Writer Author, creator, philosopher, Poet, Father, Teacher
    Marketing Consultant
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Alan Forrest Smith

To say Alan Forrest Smith has had a varied life is an understatement. 

From Landscape Gardener, to Full-Time Hairdresser, Ordained Minister to High-Demand Copywriter, Global Speaker to Acclaimed Leader and Visionary, Iconoclastic Poet to Human Observation and that’s just to start with. 

Divorce, Bankruptcy and Rebuilding a life from Ground Zero… Alan has just about covered it all! Look at some of this.

  • Helped many well known entrepreneurs to their first million
  • Created sales campaigns that have generated well over a million in less than 21 days.
  • Increased his clients turnover by 30% in a single day.
  • Slashed marketing budgets by well over £100k in 30 minutes
  • Single handedly raised over $70,000 in less than 3 days live on stage for a rain forest fundraiser.
  • Guided many individuals into lasting life transformations for the better
  • Saved a young girls life despite being on the other side of the world!
  • Spoken on stage to well over tens of thousands in places such as ~ Australia, New Zealand, USA, Singapore, Russia, Scotland, Ireland, England and many, many more.


  • Been an ordained minister for 18 years
  • Creator of many information products
  • Been a hairdresser Been a landscape gardener
  • Been a beauty therapist
  • Been a Copywriter
  • Is a father to 4 wonderful genius kids

And so much more. Alan Forrest Smith is a man on a mission. 

He believes that anyone can create the life they want, they need, they dream about! He believes any salon owner can make massive changes if they want them. His inspiration comes from his own poverty ridden start to life. From the slums of Edinburgh, unemployment and abusive alcoholism problems. 

Alan’s parents had the drive to escape and create the life they wanted. That’s exactly what they did. In 1969 they packed their old Austin Cambridge and headed towards England for a new life. 

This has been a real-life inspiration template for Alan most of his life. 

Alan created his first business at 10 years old painting and restoring old bikes for his friends. 

By the age of 12 he decided to buy an old sewing machine and start altering clothing for money for prison wardens. 

At the age of 15 he then ventured into cutting hair for his pals and getting paid to do it. 

By the time he got to 25 Alan had become a father for the first time and opened his first hairdressing salon and rebuilt his first house. 

Within 18 months of opening his first hair salon it was clear the premises were far too small. 

Alan then went from 250 sq feet to 2,000 ft salon. Alan Forrest Smith, went from schoolboy to garener, to hairdresser, to punk rocker, to ordained minister to who is is today, author and writer of Escape from Zoomanity. Despite having no real formal education this first real business, his hairdressing salon  become the number one salon to visit in the town and stayed there until its sale in 2003. 

Going back in time a little by the year 2000 Alan had accidentally created his first successful marketing campaign for a client and got paid handsomely for it. The client asked who had been creating the marketing for Alan’s salon. Alan told him it was himself. The client then asked Alan to create some marketing for him. It was a raging success raking in over $1.2 million for the client! 

This led to the creation of Alan’s marketing Company, Orange and which then saw Alan being hired by some of the biggest online entrepreneurs on the planet to write and create copy for. 

This in turn led to Alan Forrest Smith being invited to speak on the subjects of marketing and copy writing all over the Globe and has spoken on stages in Australia, USA, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Latvia, Scotland, ireland and England on many, many occassions. 

At one stage Alan spoke in front of voer 5000 people in one room with the likes of Bob Proctor and many other well known celebrities. Alan also spoke with other greats like Mark Victor Hansen and Jay Conrad Levinson who is now a great freind and mentor of Alan's. 

By 2008 Alan had traveled around the planet at least 6 times, spoken to tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, coached, guided and advised many into success and even spent two weeks helping to save the planet by living with a tribe in the heart of the Amazon jungle after he single handedly raised over $50,000 in a single weekend and handed the check to them. By the year 2010 Alan Forrest Smith had a hugely varied life.

Hairdresser, Punk Rocker, ordained minister, crippling divorce, losing his home, lossing his family, losing his friends, gaining a new global family, gaining global recognition, becong a full-time author and eventually a full recovery with a life resurrection back to life and an eventual escape from zoomanity. 

In recent times Alan has gone back to his spiritual roots by creating and writing acclaimed book, Escape from Zoomanity. In this he talks about his life and his journey as a spiritual being with drive and purpose. Alan reveals how anyone the human has been reshaped as a Zooman, how humanity has become Zoomanity, how it affects almost everyone directly and how anyone can make their own escape from Zoomanity. 

Escape from Zoomanity is a book about life, loss, happiness, sadness, overcoming, breaking through, awakening, life resurrection and the eventual escape from Zoomanity.COMING THIS SUMMER – NEW BOOK From Author, writer, poet, and 21st Century Philosopher Alan Forrest Smith… Escape from Zoomanity – is probably one of the most anticipated books for years! It’ a book about life, adventure, awakening, consciousness, highs, lows, discovery, loss and eventually escape. The story of a man the has finally broken from the restraints of the Zooman, his own  personal Escape from Zoomanity and how you can also awaken from zoomanity and plan your own escape. 

Over 200 pages long, easy to read style, Alan takes us through his life in a series of real stories, moments of awakening, times of realization and eventual shifts. Join him as he reveals how life is packed with messages. Messages we may not see in the moment but messages that can be tapped into at later times in your life. 

This is no ordinary life. From bullied Scottish school boy in England, to Punk Rock singer, to fundamentalist minister, to hairdresser to father of 4 building his own house, painful divorce, bankruptcy and finally an Escape from Zoomanity. 

The book is masterfully crafted into a handful of main chapters, fast paced, insightful, stirring and provoking. Once you pick it up prepare to stay up all night because you won’t be able to put it down!  Coming this Summer. Published by Morgan James, New York and available in all good bookstores online and offline. 

It has begun, will you escape? 

So back to Salons. Alan is still working closely with individual salon owners with some pretty spectacular results. One client recently saw an increase in sales of 54% in just a few weeks then 116% over 12 months. Nice! 

Finally … 25 years ago Alan started in business. Actually the truth is Alan started business when he was just 10 years old. It's been a ride, a journey and he is excited to share his experiences of what works and what doesn't work with you.

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