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Added photos to Google I/O Extended - Charlotte.

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In Catching Fire, the second installment of the Hunger Games trilogy (expected release date November 2013), Katniss and Peeta go on a “Victory Tour” which inspires rebellion in the districts. I won’t spoil it if you haven’t read the book, but getting the word out makes a huge difference to their audience. (By the way does anyone besides me think it is no coincidence that Peeta’s family baked bread, and…pita is a bread?) Getting the word out to your audience with video emails can also have a great effect on your sales.

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Sears is utilizing mailVU’s easy to implement video contest service. Videos go into a private account where they can view the entries, confirm eligibility, and award the prizes. The videos provide great marketing content that can be used for future campaigns. Video entries are private and confidential, and Sears owns the content.

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Video messaging has become a great two-sided communications tool. Here are some of the use cases:

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Here are 8 ways Realtors are using mailVU with their clients:
1) Personal Introductions
2) Neighborhood Tours
3) Home Tours
4) Market Updates
5) Open House Invitations
6) Thank You Messages
7) Customer Testimonials
8) Educating Clients

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It’s perfectly normal to feel a little self-conscious in front of a camera so here are a few pointers on how you can become more confident:

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There are two ways to email videos from your Android phone or tablet: 1) use the share button and select your email program such as Gmail, or 2) use an Android video email app like mailVU. Both are free, so what’s the difference?
When you share a video from your Android Gallery with regular email it has several limitations:
It sends the entire file to the recipient. That means if the video email is large it may be rejected due to insufficient mailbox size for the other person.
The format of the video is what your Android records, which depending on your device might be 3gpp format. If you send it to a friend with an iPhone they may not be able to play it.
If you hold the phone sideways the other person may get their video sideways.
You will have no idea if the other person watches the video email you sent.
You have no way of retracting the video mail after-the-fact, and the recipient can forward it or post it anywhere.
The Android phone also has a MMS video messaging service but it limits you to 20-30 seconds of recording time.
mailVU addressed these limitations with our free video email app:
The mailVU app sends a small email that links to the video. We stream the video to the user so there are no large file issues.
We convert all videos to multiple formats. When the recipient plays the video email we determine the device type and automatically play the correct format for them.
mailVU’s app senses orientation and will rotate it back for the other person so it displays correctly.
Check the View Notification box when you email videos from the app and you will receive real time alerts when your video is watched.
A self-destructing video option is available so you determine how many days, or how many views the video can be watched.
mailVU allows full-length videos to be sent via Video Text. We’ll text the recipient with a link that streams the video to their phone.
Our Android video email app is free to download from Google Play, and you do not have to be a mailVU subscriber to use it.
mailVU subscription plans, available on our website, offer a great number of features including the ability to apply your branding, save videos online, embed videos on your website, newsletters and social media sites, and use our webcam recorder on your website to collect incoming videos from your clients. The subscriptions range from an economical Basic Plan for teachers and other individuals, to the Business and Business Pro plans purchased by small and medium businesses.
Use our Android app to send videos free, and when you are interested in the additional features of a subscription, sign-up on our website for a free 14 day trial.

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User generated video content doesn’t have to be complex or expensive to obtain. A webcam recorder on your website will give users an easy way to record online video content for you. This post will provide specific examples of how sites are benefiting from this capability.
MNTV Webcam Recorder
Why use video? Letting users record video on your website increases user engagement and time on site, and obtains great user generated video content for marketing. After curating the video submissions you can display the webcam recordings as video testimonials to augment the text testimonials on your site. Video has already become the #1 source of consumer traffic on the Internet (per 2012 study) and it is only going to get bigger. mailVU makes it easy to place a webcam recorder on your site so don’t miss out on this large audience!
Here are several specific examples of how websites benefit from using an online video recorder:

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Here are 5 ideas on implementing a new video marketing strategy this spring:

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What if you could stop text email misunderstandings in their tracks? With video email you can.
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