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I just had a thought about how the "privileged" compete with automation and slavery in the field of capitalistic efficiency.

In a capitalist system, the only way to buy things is with capital. If you don't have enough capital/the education to invest in the market, or a resource others will trade you capital for, you must compete with slavery and automation (or get a grant.) In a tax free system where the government cannot generate new capital and philanthropy is dependent on a market that demands exponential growth I don't think grants can provide a dependable positive capital loop so I'll ignore them for now.

The only way to gain capital with labor in a market without mass organization of labor is to either discover and deploy more advanced autonomy, find a way of extract more value from slavery or become a slave. All of which further reduce demand for labor. Alternatively you can become an artist, lawyer, or person who knows something uncommon and get someone who has already gained capital in one of the other ways to give you money, but this will become harder as fewer people have capital to spend and as more people have an upbringing that gives them access to information and time/encouragement to learn.

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I put my usual ride on the tubes.
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From Candler Park - the roundabout in Lake Claire is missing sidewalk. I think East Lake Rd. has no sidewalk. Clifton Rd. over I-20 has no sidewalk (but no on/off ramps). Glenwood has no sidewalk. Sidewalks are mostly missing in Cabbagetown, but it's friendly to walk anyway.

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So I'm in the market for one of these mini/book sized PCs to run a VPN and MPD. Looks like some on newegg run for about ~$200 or so, but they're weird brands like Zotac or Shuttle or some other noise. I don't need video out (or do I?)

Anyone has experience with these? Thoughts?
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I have a Zotac mini pc if you want to try it out

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Just shy of 44mi this morning on the bike with +Donald Hoefer 
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We went SW from Freeside, along 29, a few turns to loop around, then back on 29 once we hit Fairburn.

I now know why folks head down that way on Sunday - there was a bit of traffic I could have done without.

Next step: metric century (62mi). 

Alan Fay

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Reposted from Bill's Reader feed.
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I can't figure out which side of the argument they were trying to prove.
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