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This just popped into my head while waiting for a delivery...

Angela Merkel dont pick up that phone
Angela Merkel you're not quite alone
Now Barak Obama has stopped so he said
I'd check all the places you've not looked instead

Angela Merkel your bits are not safe
Angela Merkel its a total disgrace
The British are out there to keep up the hacks
Perhaps it is time that their membership lapsed

Angela Merkel they've got you on file
Angela Merkel but keep up that smile
For someone unlucky has spent quite a whle
Listening in on Berlusconi's mobile

Angela Merkel don't send that email
Angela Merkel your crypto might fail
While checking for backdoors go kick up a stink
It's time you ran Linux, now what do you think ?
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A poet, a poet, a poet he be!!

Think its a sad fact that listening in on countries' leaders has garnered more coverage than all of Snowden's other revelations.
See, before that, it was just ordinary citizens and that economy thingy ... I mean, who needs an economy when the printing press is still capable of financing a new Audi?
You implying Britain will leave the EU?
Don't you worry for Britain!
GHSC will help the City get all the contracts!!
She already starts to belittle the event, and still prefers the term "friends" over "interests".
So much for european sovereignity.  Then you remember about Gladio, and how it has never been proven to have stopped..
Well, do Obama and Cameron spy on each other too? ;-)
You might want to correct the word "your" to you're in the first verse, especially if you've correctly used the contraction "they've" further down in the poem.  Thanks.
Now imagine Casper cartoon with that ball jumping on the syllables in a Saturday morning.
Somebody in a cartoon style trying to send the email when Casper get out from the screen saying:
- Want to be my friend? Share your secrets with me !!!
Everything in tons of gray off course.
Ha ha, great point ! "For someone unlucky has spent quite a while
Listening in on Berlusconi's mobile"

"It's time you ran Linux, now what do you think ?"
If she has an Android phone then technically she is .... (Ouch)
The UK will undoubtedly leave the EU in one way or another.  We are not Europeans, and we don't think like them.  They would suck us dry in support of the "common" needs.
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