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Back in the UK, with a 3 hour delay while Eurostar dealt with a partially failed train. They have a procedure for this which the practice. I think they need to practice a bit harder as while the first delay was unavoidable (testing the train, power cycling etc) the second phase of swapping people between two trains was a complete farce. Still they have a 99% or so punctuality record and the decency to simply give everyone on the delayed service a free return ticket for their next trip without form filling and argument, but as a straight "we messed up" apology. Other operators could learn a thing or two!

Not too bad considering other folks were fighting US and French flight cancellations plus Qantas going on strike. Could have been far worse.

Now catching up on kernel mail backlog with the delete key in heavy use, so I've probably missed stuff.

Kernel Summit Highlights

- All the key ARM developers in one place and sounds of sanity occurring
- Some kind of consensus on the Android split
- Key signing events are boring
- Lots of very good hallway discussion (in fact as usual most of the really useful stuff got done in the gaps)

Also a chance at the various bits of the event to catch up with people and to meet a whole pile of Intel people face to face for the first time.

I don't however wish to see another plate of cakes for quite a while !
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Is there any coverage of the consensus on the Android split available online? 
+Christian Meder I think a rough summary would be that the historical view has been that we treat something adopted by a major distro and in regular production use as evidence we should consider it relevant (ext2 got in this way after +Linus Torvalds only put in Reiserfs). Android is by most counts a major Linux kernel user these days. It's also causing problems because many vendors drivers are Android dependant (because their direct customers are Android) and this is also having harmful effects for the ecosystem.There was some discussion of some existing ongoing work on getting Android stuff into a state ready to feed to the upstream kernel. Quality-wise most of it is already very good - it's been philosophical and design trade-off questons that have been much of the debate in the past not quality.
Yes, the whole shortage of seats to the US on Saturday due to Air France and Quantas sucked when Munich was socked in with freezing fog, and many of us were re-routed (and stuck) in Frankfurt.
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