Bugzilla pass one finished. Yes I have now read kernel bugzilla, every open bug (and closed over half of them).

An interesting read, mysteries that Sherlock Holmes would puzzle over, a length that wanted a good editor urgently, an interesting line in social commentary, the odd bit of unnecessary bad language. As a read it is however overall not well explained or structured 8)

A few things are very clear however
- we have a significant percentage of bugs caused by firmware and configuration at board level, and they tend to be the ones that are least likely to ever get resolved

- some maintainers are a lot better than others. The folks who leave new PCI identifiers in bugzilla for a year unfixed suck 8-P

- it would be a useful if the Ubuntu folks could tweak their upstream bug filing guidance to: point people at mailing lists to discuss the bug on before filing, and make sure they understand that the kernel bugzilla is just a bug tracking facility not a support service.

- we need to sort the kernel bugzilla out somewhat

That is a general theme btw - start with the mailing lists then if need be file a bug.

Most of the bug filing is actually of good quality. There were a few "ethernet x not work" reports and the like but even a lot of the useless bugs were filed properly and only useless because they were essentially "it went bang I couldn't get the trace"

There were some funnies too such as people filing bugs in the kernel bugzilla because their paid enterprise distro had been ignoring them. Those got closed too - we don't deal in 2.6 kernels upstream any more !
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