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Bugzilla pass one finished. Yes I have now read kernel bugzilla, every open bug (and closed over half of them).

An interesting read, mysteries that Sherlock Holmes would puzzle over, a length that wanted a good editor urgently, an interesting line in social commentary, the odd bit of unnecessary bad language. As a read it is however overall not well explained or structured 8)

A few things are very clear however
- we have a significant percentage of bugs caused by firmware and configuration at board level, and they tend to be the ones that are least likely to ever get resolved

- some maintainers are a lot better than others. The folks who leave new PCI identifiers in bugzilla for a year unfixed suck 8-P

- it would be a useful if the Ubuntu folks could tweak their upstream bug filing guidance to: point people at mailing lists to discuss the bug on before filing, and make sure they understand that the kernel bugzilla is just a bug tracking facility not a support service.

- we need to sort the kernel bugzilla out somewhat

That is a general theme btw - start with the mailing lists then if need be file a bug.

Most of the bug filing is actually of good quality. There were a few "ethernet x not work" reports and the like but even a lot of the useless bugs were filed properly and only useless because they were essentially "it went bang I couldn't get the trace"

There were some funnies too such as people filing bugs in the kernel bugzilla because their paid enterprise distro had been ignoring them. Those got closed too - we don't deal in 2.6 kernels upstream any more !
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If it wasn't clear that you were mad as a hatter before (dealing with serial and tty)... reading through the kernel bugzilla proves it.
Bravo. Well done. Open bugs give bad name to kernel.
U Das
Genuinely appreciate your efforts thanks for making the world a better plow
If many bugs read like Sherlock Holmes mysteries, #12309 must be the Santa Barbara of the kernel's bugzilla.
12309 is an email discussion that inadvertently took place in bugzilla I think
The saddest thing of all is that the underlying problem is frighteningly real. And nobody so far can tell what it is.
At least Holmes had high grade narcotics to keep him company.

Sorry for your pain, thanks for your service.
How about pointing people to the appropriate mailing lists using big red letters on I think it's hard to blame users for reporting bugs (only) there, as that's the preferred way for every other project with a bugzilla that I know of.
+Sami Liedes  I agree on that point. Bugzilla needs some sorting out and that's one of the things on the list.
+Sami Liedes at first I was thinking that bugzilla was redundant when I first heard of it, then I thought it was something red hat-specific. Oh my. There needs to be a small infographic on what belongs where...
There was a mechanism set up in kernel bugzilla to send notifications of new bugs to the appropriate mailing list. That seems like a useful bridging tool.
As a frequent issue filer of Bugzilla I have had good experiences with it. If the mailinglist is CCed there, I don't see a big issue with using it. The forms make for an easier filing of the bugs. And that's also something that should be taken into consideration. It's a challenge for the developers to efficiently process bugs, but also for users to file them thoroughly.
"It would be a useful if the Ubuntu folks could tweak their upstream bug filing guidance" I'll take this on, Alan.  Thanks for your work.
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