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Do folks have any other recommendations for 3D print services. Shapeways are cheap but over the past two months they've lost one set of model designsand I had to get them to re-index stuff to get them back and now they've messed up billing stuff trying to charge me VAT I've already paid.

I'm not planning on dumping Shapeways (yet anyway) but they've annoyed me enough to research the alternatives.

So I'm casting around for alternatives to compare and see if anyone else can deliver stuff to the UK on a similar price basis both for FUD or equivalent and for polished WSF.. which does seem to be a Shapeways speciality.
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reprap is alas not yet up to doing FUD equivalents nor have I seen a home polishing machine to go with it for the other materials. Not sure how it pans on on running costs either - the big 3D printers seem to get very good prices on toner...

I'd be shopping for one if it was !
The Ultimaker has 0.07mm layer thickness so printed objects hardly need any polishing anymore.
+Alan Cox a reason to get one more than a reason not to? ...sounds like an interesting project in itself.
Some local organization have them available for use, but they tend not to have much choice, Manchester's +FabLab has one of the dimension printers, I assume there are other similar places around.
+Pieter de Bruijn thanks - I'll have a read through the forum later.I hadn't realised DIY had gotten to that sort of standard. Accuracy is fairly important as I'm matching etched and printed parts.

Need to work out what the material costs are like. Pity it can't take ABS in pellet form I think I notionally (its dumped in the back of someone elses storage) own about 100Kg of that 8)
+Pieter de Bruijn Ultimaker seems interesting but it's not got any way to do easily removable support, has the 'blob' problem pretty much all extrusion based printers do and I'm not 100% sure it'll quite scrape the needed quality. It's close though and tempting anyway.
I've been keeping an eye on the SumPod project, a pretty cheap kit, made in the UK, and also has a fitting for a dremel so it can double as a milling machine
I did look at imaterialise but their prices were way higher
Old thread found through search. I used +Sculpteo with no problems. Prices seems reasonable enough compared to Shapeways & iMaterialise.
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