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"The window seats in row 20 do not recline, but some still prefer this row since you are not reclining into someone else's knees and the passenger behind you will usually be a frequent flyer and may be less likely to grab your seatback when standing up."

These sentences contains so much win...

"When navigating the aisle on an airplane, my headrest is not your bannister. If I'm sleeping and you put all of your weight on my headrest as you sashay by, when you let go you will catapult my head and I will want to kill you. When you're seated behind me and you get up out of your seat, DON'T thoughtlessly grab my headrest to help haul your backside up and out. What the hell do you think armrests are for?"
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I am often left wondering about peoples sense of space when flying on planes. The headrest issues, tray tables, seatbacks... not to mention carryons.
Maybe if the airlines stopped trying to fit two people into one persons worth of space, there wouldn't be space issues.
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