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[from the article] Rudimentary calculus may have been born over a thousand years earlier than previously thought.

Babylonian clay tablets dating to 350 to 50 B.C.E. display astronomers' calculations as they tracked Jupiter across the sky. And they did it using geometric calculations.

The technique, tracking the distance a body travels from a graph of its velocity against time, was thought to have been developed around 1350 in England. But an astroarchaeologist describes the same type of computations on these older tablets in a paper published Thursday in the journal Science. 

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+Koushik Dutta upon hearing the news on promo codes in Google Play be all like...
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Ants respond to social information at rest, not on the fly - Ants don't get distracted by social information when on the move, only fully responding to it when at rest, a new study from the University of Bristol, UK indicates. Such sporadic monitoring of the social environment may reduce information overload and enhance the robustness of complex societies, the researchers suggest.

At the early start of this ridiculous presidential campaign, the media was pushing a Clinton and Bush narrative. They're STILL pushing that narrative. And the American people are responding.

Sanders and Trump lead the polls.

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[from the article] It's one thing when forecasters selling a report or video warn that the stock market is about to crash. It's another when an international bank raises the alarm.

In an unusually grim assessment from a banking institution, the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) has suggested that investors should sell their stocks and move money into high quality bonds.

“We think investors should be afraid that the ominous outlook for the world in our Year Ahead has been borne out over the past six weeks,” RBS said in a note to clients. “Rather than fade, we say follow - and be cautious in 2016.”

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Hahahaha.. Hahaha. Hahahaha..

The sperm switch is designed to divert flow of sperm away from the penis. Measures 1.8cm and is fitted under local anaesthetic in 30 minutes.

If the man decides he wants to become a father, he locates the implant in his scrotum and flicks switch back, allowing sperm ejaculation. The first trials on 25 men are set to take place within the next few weeks.



#research   #malecontraception    #medicine  

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They are armed to the teeth. There is no other race in our country that could get away with this.
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