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This is what an asteroid strike looks like: NASA says the rock that caused Russia's big meteor blast was 55 feet wide, weighed 10,000 tons and set off a 500-kiloton blast, roughly 30 times bigger than Hiroshima. 
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Yes, got that fixed. I've been dealing with kilotons (Chelyabinsk) and megatons (2012 DA14) for two days, and I've dreaded mixing them up. Thank goodness for Google+'s edit feature.
Thanks for the information.  I wondered about the destruction this caused, being that the energy released was comparable to a good sized Nuclear weapon, why only blown out windows.
 +William Carter  had a good explanation, "The total energy dissipated was comparable to modern strategic nuclear warheads (in the hundreds-of-kT range), but it was distributed over a long tube surrounding the meteor's path, so the damage was mostly limited to windows getting blown in. It sounds as if this wasn't an iron meteoroid, maybe a stony object instead."
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