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This is quite reasonable, but unlikely given our overall fear of anything with the word nuclear associated with it.
For Nuclear which kind, theres many ways: SFR, NGNP, LFR, FHR etc... If LWR (light water reactor) = bad, but Liquid Floride Thorium Reactor (LFTR) good? Check with +Kirk Sorensen and +Kirk Dorius about space application, the former spent 10yrs at NASA and is now reviving Alvin Weinberg's (Father who invented both LWR and LFTR) seminal work. The DoD liked the dirty LWR and Nixon the CA. revenue opportunities...yes we lost much ground. RTG nuclear power is already in use in space, Curiosity has it on board
Pion fusion is under development. Pion powered spacecraft will follow.

The late Dr. Robert Carroll, a mathematical physicist who rejected
relativity, claimed a Pion powered spacecraft might approach 20 million times the speed of light.

If he is proven correct by an experiment, humans can explore the Goldilocks planets.

See Cheap Green at

Scroll down to pp 34-37 for details.
Kevin Russel - the petition mentions NTRs and presumably would be a restart of the research and development of a solid core reactor.
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