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How do you gauge the chances for Deep Space Industries? The vision may be there, but I kinda have a "Jerry Maguire" response: Show me the money. Is that cynical?
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How much is a 6U Sat and 25 kg of launch as a secondary payload   (Firefly)*? A 12U Sat and ~50 kg of launch as a secondary payload (Dragonfly)?

How much is science data from a NEO worth (NEAR $124.9M for the spacecraft)?  How much is a 1 kg asteroid worth (OSIRIS-REx $800 for the spacecraft)?

*NSS listed the price as $20M for a mission package of 3 with DSI's profit built into that price.

It is not as if more data and samples is not a bad thing.  

Sadly, this isn't going to be the rapid revolution that occurs in consumer electronics, where one company does something new and is quickly copied and hugely successful.   These are all going to take time.  However, I think we will be happily surprised when they do better than expected.

Are they taking a risk? - YES!  But anything worth doing holds the possibility of failure.
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