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Asteroid, meteor, meteorite, fireball, or all of the above? 
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Add cometites and cometoids and falling stars for fun :)

And more serious fun.  My friend (UFO fan) here is asking whether the airburst has the same principle as the fighter jets' sonic boom, i.e., shattering glass and boom sound.  The bright light, she can imagine it.  Glass breaks, well, there's the boom okay...the boom? But the meteorite has no engine?

I replied, "So is the lightning! :)
As I understand it, the blast was pretty similar to a sonic boom. Apparently people saw the flash outside the window, went over to look, and then faced a shower of glass when the boom hit. Note to self: Don't run over to the window to look at a flash in the sky.
Serious follow up. I explained to my friend that sonic booms are created by any object that travel thru the air greater than the speed of sound, not that it was caused by the sound of a supersonic jet or a rocket engine.  So, you may hear the sound of the aircraft's exhaust engine a little later (as the speed of sound takes time to reach you), yet may not hear a boom sound if the same aircraft were travelling a litlle less than 1,230 km/hr at a certain temperature.  Lightnings definitely travel faster than Mach 1; hence, the boom sound.
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