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Scientists at the University of Leicester say the forensic evidence has convinced them that they've really, truly found the bones of King Richard III. Are you convinced they're right? 
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I live in Leicester and have been following the investigations. Actually, I became interested in Richard III a few years ago. However, I wouldn't join the Richard III Society. It's because I'm not sure they are as impartial as they claim to be, as the society was set up to counter the image of Richard III given by Shakespeare. But these remains would not have been found without them.

Leicester University has a reputation to maintain, both in archaeology and genetics. I've spoken to archaeologists from the University on open days, again long before the Richard III investigations began. They have worked on the remains of Leicester Abbey and on sites in the city centre which are being redeveloped.

Also, on open days, I've visited the genetics department - lots of fruit flies! It was where Alec Jeffreys devised DNA fingerprinting.

I listened to the news conference this morning. The results are going to be published in peer reviewed academic journals, which will make the evidence available for everyone to see. Of course, as with any science, it's possible they could be wrong! But I think they have been careful and thorough in their analysis.
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