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This has been in the works for a while, but now that the agreement's been signed, one commenter is bummed out about the outsourcing angle. What do you think?
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I'm struggling to see a negative here.  NASA gets to stay on track and on budget while actually improving the Orion vessel, ESA gets to develop technologies it will likely make use of in future while saving a huge wad of cash on the ISS programme and the whole world gets a reminder of what we can accomplish when nations work together.
I guess it's a variant of the "Buy American" argument ... that $600 million should be going to a U.S. company (Lockheed Martin?) to employ American engineers, etc., and that ESA should just fork over the money owed for ISS participation. A bit insular, but that appears to be the argument.
Sounds like xenophobia to me!  :-P

But seriously, I can understand that.  We're always going on about keeping the jobs British (actually, I think a lot of the Orion work is to be done by British companies!) but my collaboration point stands.
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