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At least 17 billion alien Earths in the Milky Way, and that's not even counting most of the ones that we'd want to live on. There's lots of "there" there:
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Now, if the odds of life starting in earth-like conditions are low, then that's a lot of alien life. But if the odds are closer to one in 17 billion...
It's nice to be getting more and more optimistic numbers to plug into the Drake equation!
Pion fusion is under development. Pion powered spacecraft will follow.

The late Dr. Robert Carroll, a mathematical physicist who rejected
relativity, claimed a Pion powered spacecraft might approach 20 million times the speed of light.

If he is proven correct by an experiment, humans can explore the Goldilocks planets.

See Cheap Green at

Scroll down to pp 34-37 for details.
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