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Just started to stream this show because of your posts. Have
Now seen ep1-3, season 1.
What a great show!!
Thanks for introducing me to it!
One of the best shows I've ever watched.
Just in case like me you've been watching on NetFlix and haven't caught up yet - SEASON 5 SPOILER ALERT - so don't look too closely at the bottom!
Great chart. I was actually thinking about this the other day.  During one of the last episodes when they were talking about how much they've done and sacrificed to get to where they are, my mind started thinking about how many people were killed by Walt and how deep he was in, besides just the cooking meth bit.

I'd love to see a similar chart of how many people the kid Carl on Walking Dead is responsible for getting killed.  Obviously not killing them directly himself, but how many people his stupidity has caused to die. hah
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