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Digital artist, computer scientist, technology geek
I am a digital artist, software engineer and technology geek based in Boulder, Colorado. I like to create and manipulate digital media: photography, music, software, video.
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Bicycled to the top of Mount Evans, a 14,000+ ft mountain in the Colorado Rockies. Twice! Still. Gasping. For. Air.
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Alan Bland

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Bokeh Daisies
The B&W Project 15/26

A little late posting this one. For the B&W theme Beautiful Bokeh I found a meadow in Banff last week I call the Field of a Million Daisies. I’m not sure how many there actually were, but I’ve never seen so many daisies in one place. Here are just a few of them for your bokehlicious enjoyment.

#BWProject2016 +The B&W Project +Lauri Novak +Al Chris

The B&W Project 15/26 A little late posting this one. For the B&W theme Beautiful Bokeh I found a meadow in Banff last week I call the Field of a Million Daisies. I’m not sure how man…
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Oooo pretty!!!

Alan Bland

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Once again Google proves to have no idea how people want to use Google Photos. I shared this squarish-format image from Google Photos to both Facebook and Twitter. Both of them gave me a severely cropped version of the photo, like a wide screen movie showing only the middle third of the image.

Dear Google, what is the point of sharing a photo if you don't actually share the whole photo? Sure, people can see the entire image if they click on it to view it in Google Photos (which is probably the point - get them over to Google). But how many people actually bother to do that? Especially when the crappy crop looks crappy. Nope, don't need to see a large version of that crappy photo, the small version is plenty crapified for me.

I sent feedback to Google about this at least six months ago. I guess sharing photos is not very high on their priorities. So I shall continue to not use Google Photos except as a backup for my phone pictures. If I want to share them, I'll download to my computer first. If I keep Google out of the picture (pun intended) I can share the full picture.
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Submit feedback. They keep fixing things...

Alan Bland

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Yeah, you just have to pick the proper subject! My waterfall pics weren't very good.

Alan Bland

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I'm getting dizzy watching +Christina Lihani +Liz Kaetterhenry +Kathleen Milks dance, at Estes Park scavenger meet up.
#EPMU #Gplus5Global
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Hehehe. So good!

Alan Bland

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Elk butt at sunset.
Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, CO ‪#Gplus5Global #Gplus5Global #EPMU
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Alan Bland

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Mama and baby elk run past the scary group of photographers.

Trail Ridge Road, Estes Park, CO ‪#‎Gplus5Global‬ #Gplus5Global #EPMU
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They were too fast for me. Very nice!
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Alan Bland

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I'm happy to announce I have some photo art published in the latest issue of Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine. Scroll to the bottom of the page to open the July issue. My work appears on page 38. (It's one of my recent scavenger hunt photos!)
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Thanks +Viana de León. It was my favorite of the last hunt too.

Alan Bland

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My Favorite
The B&W Project 14/26

It’s Black & White Friday again! This time the theme is “My Favorite.” I spent last weekend at Rocky Mountain National Park (one of my favorite places) with a group of scavenger photographers (some of my favorite friends) taking photos of wildlife (one of my favorite subjects). So this was easy. Here are a pair of bull elk along Trail Ridge Road just before sunset.

#BWProject2016 +The B&W Project +Lauri Novak +Al Chris
The B&W Project 14/26 It’s Black & White Friday again! This time the theme is “My Favorite.” I spent last weekend at Rocky Mountain National Park (one of my favorite place…
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A hat trick of favourites, I bet you had a ball! 

Alan Bland

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My Round 18 Scavenger Hunt album - all 10 photos in one place!
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Awesome Album +Alan Bland . Loved your Shaggy Light bulb!

Alan Bland

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Happy 5th birthday Google+

I joined G+ in 2011 after it had been in beta for a month or two. At the time I had a job that involved exploring opportunities for integrating social networks into my company's products. I joined every new social network I could find to see how it compared to the others. I had accounts on dozens of social networks at the time, most of which I cannot remember and no longer exist.

I always looked for photographers to connect with. On most of the social networks I never found anyone of interest. But G+ was different. Within two days of signing up I had managed to get myself into a Colorado Photographers circle with hundreds of photographers, many of whom were actually circling me back! My stream came alive with interesting photos. This G+ thing was nothing like any of the others. It was engaging!

G+ has been life changing for me. The daily hashtag challenges pushed me to go out with my camera more often, helping me to improve my fundamental photography skills. In 2013 I entered a G+ weekly "treasure hunt" challenge that insisted every photo I took had a person in it. Since I had no convenient models, I put myself in front to the camera for the first time. Believe it or not, I had never done a self portrait before then. That challenge also introduced me to conceptual photography. For the first time I was planning and creating, not just shooting. After a few months my photography had gone to an entirely new and unexpected direction.

Then I signed up for the Chrysta Rae Scavenger Hunt. I had seen all these amazing scavenger hunt photos in my stream and wanted to play, but never knew how to sign up. Once in, I looked back at some of the past winners and said "I need to learn Photoshop". I created my very first composite photo for the scavenger hunt, toiling for hours on something I could do in 5 minutes today. The scavenger hunt pushed me further and further into conceptual photography and self portraiture and Photoshop. A somewhat unique style emerged which I continue to explore to this day.

Finally, many of the photographers I met on G+ in the scavenger hunt have become real life friends. I've traveled to Maine, Las Vegas, Wyoming and South Africa to meet G+ photographers in real life. I'm traveling to Canada next month for another meet up.

Where would I be today if I had not found G+ 5 years ago? I don't know. I have so many new friends I wouldn't know. I might never have attempted a creative self portrait. I may not have discovered conceptual photography. I might not have had a reason to learn Photoshop. Thank you Google+ for helping me find these opportunities!

Photo: On a boat shooting elephants in Botswana in 2015 with a dozen photographers I met on Google+
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Great shot! Again, happy anniversary, +Alan Bland :)

Alan Bland

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Hey +sandy vetter here's that Cedar Waxwing you missed at Lake Estes.

+Michelle Verostko 
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Thanks +sandy vetter!
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