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Which one do you think would be a great name for a tech company?
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Virtus: courage
Telos: purpose
Helios: sun
Krona: sounds similar to chrona (time)
Tenus: bound

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Thank you +Roman Nurik
Visually refreshed the Android Asset Studio, and cleaned up the code to make it easier to contribute!

Use it now:
Source code:
Bugs and requests:

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Wow! Boston dynamics bots! Reminds me of the movie Chappie.

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Got this email today. Really? You want me to spend the valentine's day with my job? And on Sunday? #FacePalm #TerribleMarketing

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New version of Android Week View library released!

- Pinch to zoom support added
- Support for event location added
- Ability to have different colors for past, future and weekend days added
- Support for "now" line added

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The new Android M Developer Preview 3 boot animation in all its #materiyolo  goodness.

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Neat API for sharing intents
Use ShareCompat to easily build and read incoming share intents Pro-tip by +Ian Lake

The ‘share’ action is an iconic part of Android apps, providing a standard way of sending and receiving data from other apps - be it a simple text string, an image, any arbitrary content (say, a file from your app), or even multiple items. Constructing and reading these Intents requires either knowing the exact constants to use or using ShareCompat (

ShareCompat.IntentBuilder provides a fluent API for constructing ACTION_SEND ( and ACTION_SEND_MULTIPLE ( intents.

Constructing a simple share intent with text then becomes:
Intent shareIntent = ShareCompat.IntentBuilder.from(activity)
// Avoid ActivityNotFoundException
if (intent.resolveActivity(getPackageManager()) != null) {

You’ll also find methods for setting the subject, email to/cc/bcc addresses, and an HTML version of your text.

Sharing an image is similar:
Intent shareIntent = ShareCompat.IntentBuilder.from(activity)

Preferably using a URI generated from a FileProvider ( to ensure all apps can access the file even if they don’t have storage permissions.

On the receiving side, ShareCompat.IntentReader can be used to retrieve the information from intents:

ShareCompat.IntentReader intentReader = ShareCompat.IntentReader.from(activity);
if (intentReader.isShareIntent()) {
  String[] emailTo = intentReader.getEmailTo();
  String subject = intentReader.getSubject();
  String text = intentReader.getHtmlText();
  // Compose an email

While not guaranteed from a security or verification perspective, using ShareCompat also includes information on the sending application which the receiving application can take advantage of through IntentReader.getCallingPackage() or the convenience methods such as getCallingApplicationIcon() and getCallingApplicationLabel() allowing your app to attribute shared content if that data is present.


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The #evolution of #software #architecture. Nice way to put it.

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Neat tool for Android Studio that provides support for SQLite databases. Bravo +Yvonne Price 
Introducing SQLScout: a plugin for Android Studio and IntelliJ IDEA that provides support for SQLite, including:

✓ Ability to connect to SQLite databases in Android devices or the file system
✓ Database schema explorer
✓ SQL editor (syntax highlighting, code completion, reference navigation, refactoring, etc.)
✓ Data console to view query results, edit table data, and export contents to different formats
✓ Database diagrams!

For more details (including demos and beta access) please visit

#AndroidStudio   #sqlite   #androiddev  

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Waiting for +Mark Allison's new #android #library for #materialdesign theming. It will be fully compatible with the support library.
I'm working on a new Android theming library named Prism. There's still a little bit of work to do but I'm aiming to release it in mid-July. The GIF shows it in action being driven by a ViewPager - the only thing not being coloured by Prism is the text within each page of the ViewPager. It integrates fully with the new design support library and supports custom Views as well.

I'll be giving a sneak peek of Prism at the Londroid meetup this coming Tuesday

#PrismLib #gde   #androiddev  
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