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Separating the facts from the fiction can be difficult when it comes to Alzheimer's Disease. Find out the truth and spread awareness!


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If you have a disabled loved one, saving money and using it wisely is vital – which means setting up a special needs trust should be your first priority this year! Learn more about why this is the best resolution you can make with AFT.

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Did you know that savings or assets over $2,000 can prevent a person from qualifying financially for Medicaid benefits? AFT is here to help solve this problem in Alabama. Learn more!

The latest issue of BHM BIZ features AFT’s Melanie Bradford discussing her organization’s greatest opportunity (significantly improving the lives of seniors that need skilled nursing care), her greatest challenge, and so much more. Take a look!

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Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day from Alabama Family Trust!


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In order to protect government benefits (SSI and Medicaid) for children with disabilities who have received money from other sources, a special needs trust is essential! Learn more with AFT.

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Are you moving into 2017 as a caretaker? Or perhaps continuing your caretaking duties from last year? Learn more about what all is involved with caring for your disabled loved ones this year!

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The organizations that partner with us are so amazing, we want to take a moment to recognize them! The ARC of Alabama, KultureCity, and so many more – please get to know our partners!

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Is it true that your elderly parent must spend down all their resources in order to qualify for Medicaid? We’ve got the answer. Take a look!

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2017 could be the year you set up a special needs trust for your loved one with a disability. We can help with that – and we’re always ready to talk if you have questions! Happy New Year!

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