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Unofficial Android Meetup - London Edition

I'm broadcasting this message publicly, so no one gets missed out and it might bring in a few more people!

What is it?
A monthly unofficial meetup for Android aficionados, developers or anyone who just wants to know more about Google's popular open-source operating system for mobile devices.

The theme for the meetup is Ice Cream Sandwich, the latest version of Android, and several of the people attending will have a Galaxy Nexus with them. If you haven't been able to play around with it yet than this is your opportunity!

Where is it?
The meetup will be hosted at the Royal Festival Hall ( on the South Bank here in London. We'll be meeting up at the small balcony bar on the 5th floor. There's a balcony with a gorgeous view as well, but considering the temperature I suspect we will stay inside.

When is it?
It's soon - tomorrow evening to be more specific. +Scott Spence and I will be there at 6pm.

Please share this post with your Circles if you think you know people who would be interested in this as well. :) If you're coming then it would be great if could confirm this in the comments.

We're looking forward to seeing you!
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I just caught the note about this meetup in my mailbox, from the Londroid group. It'll be good to learn some stuff about ICS
Would love to be there but its works Christmas party
+Grant Kemp And you've got some gadget show fans to sign autographs for as well I suspect :).
I hope to come along and discuss for a little while.
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