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Seeing lots of articles bouncing around about how the new #Nexus7 factory images have been released and the binary drivers (including GPU) have been released for it so all must be OK.

Seems many people have missed the fact that the graphics support package for the #Nexus10 is still missing? Reading through +Jean-Baptiste Quéru's posts (which have been chopped 100 ways and more things read into than I though possible), he hasn't actually said which device had GPU support issues (the New N7 release could have been in-progress and taken longer than other devices, as happened with the N4). There's also a message in the android-building list which indicates the #Nexus10 isn't supported by the #AOSP release for 4.3 -

Could a lot of people have been looking in the wrong place and pointing the finger in the wrong direction?
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This could be why they're going with Asus for the N10 replacement. If the rumours are true.
I don't know, he seemed to strongly imply that that people were correct at pointing the finger at Qualcomm. That and it would have been odd for a fuss to be made over a year old product. I'm sure Jean-Baptiste will clarify if he can.
At bottom, I don't think it really was a specific device or situation that drive JBQ's decision. To me it just looks like he'd had enough of the repeated and predictable dysfunctionality of the whole process. And the stupid peanut gallery that jumped on every little hiccup or misstep.
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